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What I Do

My goal is to make the world beautiful by lighting up one human being at a time. When we give ourselves permission to live a more authentic life, free of limiting beliefs and self imposed boundaries, our inner self is finally allowed to surface. This, in combination with deep shadow work can release our spirit in a unique and powerful way, allowing it to shine the way it was intended. 

I Coach.

My sessions are designed to make you more aware of your personal connection to the world & to yourself. I’m available self-growth work, spiritual guidance, magickal education and tapping into the special gifts that only you have to offer.

I Read Tarot.

I’ve been reading tarot for over 17 years and I love using my cards to provide insight into difficult situations, help people remove their roadblocks to success and be a pivotal part of their personal self-growth.

I Write.

I’m a writer at heart and I love to create guides, blog articles and spell books. I’ve learned so much on my Spiritual Journey and I truly believe what you learn is meant to be shared with others. 

Need Advice?

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My Guides & Courses

Whether you work well on your own or you want to connect with me in person, I have plenty of options available to suit your favorite learning style.

My Story

My name is Nikki Wood and my goal is to help you learn to work with the three most important connections you’ll need on your Spiritual Path.

  • Your Connection with Yourself
  • Your Connection with Spirit
  • Your Connection with your Magick

Knowing more about each one of these connections is imperative if you want to dive deeper into your practice. It’s no coincidence these are also the places where people start feeling stuck or frustrated. 

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What My Clients Say About Me

“I love her honesty when it comes to readings because she always delivers messages that are for your highest good.”

Pavi Banavar

“She brings so much light and humor to her readings that you’ll automatically feel so comfortable with her.”

Stacey Bengtson

“She has definitely been  a big part of my growth and has helped me get out of my comfort zone with a lot of things.”

Marisol Arteaga

My Offerings - Get the Guides!

shadow work guide

Shadow Work for Self-Connection

Are you looking to do some self-growth work and gain more insight into who you truly are? Have you come to a personal crossroads and you’re trying to understand why life suddenly feels so overwhelming? If you find yourself in either of these spaces, it’s time to get started on a powerful healing journey.

Join me and my tarot cards as we take you for a week long introspective journey into your life. Each day comes with a daily challenge to foster self growth. And includes corresponding crystals, herbs and essential oils you can incorporate however you like.