Fun with Sage: 5 Herbal and Spiritual Uses

Benefits of Sage

The Benefits of Sage

Sage and I have not always been such great friends.  There are a lot of different reasons, really. But Sage refuses to give up on me. He keeps trying to come back into my life no matter how hard I protest. He’s worn me down over the years and I’ve learned to use him sporadically when needed.  That is until this spring when we forged a new bond.  My friend would go hiking in the mountains outside of town and bring me back small bundles. They smelled better than any sage I have ever found before. Suddenly I felt a great desire to go visit Sage in his natural habitat.

When I saw Sage growing wild, I could see how truly beautiful and majestic he was. And he wasn’t alone. He was with 100’s of his closest friends. In that moment I found myself liking him a little bit more. I had some nice quiet moments of meditation with him, and I feel like finally, I really like the guy. And he has a lot of spiritual and herbal benefits to boot!

If you want to be friends with Sage too, here are some fun things you can try:

Make a wish!

If you have something on your mind you are trying to manifest, try this bit of plant magic. Take a sage leaf and write your wish or desire on it. Sleep with it under your pillow for three nights. If you have a dream where your wish manifests, it is said that it will come true. If you do not, your wish will not be granted at this time. Should this be your outcome, bury the sage leaf in the ground to neutralize the energy you infused.

Is your nose running?

We all hate the drip that comes with allergies or a cold. Most of the time, it’s best to let your body take its natural course. However there are days when it just causes problems. If you’ve got a big day and your nose won’t stop running it’s time to grab your sage!  The easiest way to take sage is in tincture form. Take as directed and within 10-15 minutes you should notice your sniffles start to disappear. If your nose starts getting drippy again just take another dose.  In my experience one dose will usually last about 4 hours.  No sage tincture on hand? If you have some garden sage handy (not white sage) you can put a tablespoon in some hot water to make a tea. It’s not as quick since you have to drink the whole cup, but it’s just as effective as a tincture.

Having Hot Flashes?

From what I’ve seen and heard so far, these are not a fun experience. Fortunately your new friend sage is here to help! Clary Sage essential oil is hormone balancing and can be beneficial for relieving hot flashes that occur when women are in menopause. (Make sure the oil you purchase is of a good quality.) Put 15 drops of essential oil into 4ml carrier oil (like almond oil) into a roll on bottle. Before bed put some on the bottoms of your feet and massage in.  Another option is to put the drops in a small 2oz glass bottle filled with water and spray liberally when you feel the flash coming on. Because of the hormone balancers in this herb, it has been successful in reducing the intensity of hot flashes in women.

Clean Your Space!

This is a good one for clearing stagnant or unwanted energy.  But did you also know burning sage has antiseptic and bacterial killing properties? To properly sage your space you should brush the smoke along the edges of the room, taking careful note not to forget the corners where energy can gather and collect. Personally I like to sage each door and window frame as well. A basic incantation such as “I now cleanse any negative energy from this space, and wish to bring forth only love and light” Is a great way to ensure the energy resets itself properly in your home.

Who’s Sweating Now?

Sage is perfect to use as a deodorant or in cases of hyperhidrosis as it contains phytochemicals that help alleviate sweat.  Some sweat is healthy because it regulates body temperature and releases toxins. But If you’re trying to keep it together for hygiene purposes you can mix a tablespoon of sage in a cup of warm water to make a tea. For homemade deodorant you can mix 1oz of water, .75oz of alcohol, and 10-20 drops of sage essential oil. Store in a dark glass bottle with a spray nozzle and apply as needed.

Precautions: do not use if pregnant or attempting to become pregnant.  As always, do your research and consult with a physician before implementing any new herbal regimen. Be sure to check herbal contraindications for any specific conditions you may/may not have.

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