About Nikki Wood

My Story

My name is Nikki Wood and I’m a professional Tarot Reader, Spiritual Connections Coach and Practicing Witch who is also well versed in energy healing and herbal medicine. I grew up in the desert and still carry that Southwest vibe with me wherever I go. I’m currently based in Cave Creek, Arizona where I work with people all over the country. In my spare time you can find me doing some hiking, relaxing at my favorite coffee shop or planning my latest travel adventure.

I started out my career working in advertising and marketing. I used to wear a suit to work and everything! But my spirit wasn’t happy and I knew I needed to be doing something else. I eventually decided to become a hair dresser because I felt like it suited my creative personality, and I really liked working with people on an individual level. 

Around the same time I changed careers, Spirit started opening new doors for me in that community. It began with people and businesses hiring me to do tarot readings. Then it snowballed into teaching classes and creating my own line of herbal products. And somewhere in the middle of everything, I became a Spiritual Coach and Mentor.

Spirituality has changed my life in more ways than I ever could have expected. It’s allowed me to meet lots of new and wonderful people. And it’s given me a platform in which to help and inspire others on their journey. But more than anything, it’s given me the confidence and courage to do things I never thought I could.


One of the things I like most about my path is that it has allowed me to give back to others. I love to help people understand different concepts and share what I’ve learned along the way. And until Spirit pointed it out, I didn’t realize I was moving into a space where I was slowly becoming a guide for others. 

After that epiphany, I knew it was time to start thinking of myself as something more. It was a little scary at first, but the messages I was getting were that I had bigger shoes to fill. And that there were people out there that needed the special magick that I had to offer. That’s the spirit in which this company was created!