Alignment: What Is It & How Do I Get It?


The Keys to Ease

Alignment is a spiritual term that people hear a lot, but not everyone understands the concept behind it. So let’s talk about what this is and how it can benefit you in your life.

When you are in alignment things are EASY. You can manifest what you want, get things done and your day just seems to flow. It’s like the Universe knows what you want and delivers it right to your front doorstep. Sounds pretty good right?

So why do we have so many issues trying to get ourselves into this state of being? Well, we are humans and our specialty is often getting in our own way despite our best intentions. For example: It’s the end of the day and you are going home from work in LA. You can sit in traffic for 2 ½ hours to get home if you leave now. Or you can drive a few minutes to the local restaurant, have a margarita and some tacos while the traffic dies down and then drive 15 minutes back to your house. Which one sounds better and more fun to you? The choice seems easy but when applying this hypothetical situation to other areas of alignment in our lives, almost everyone heads straight for the freeway.

If the choice should be this easy then what are we doing wrong and how do we fix it? This answer is very simple. We need to pay attention to the signs that show us whether or not we are in alignment. And unfortunately this is what many people tend to miss.

How To Tell If You Are In Alignment:

Ease and discomfort are the two main feelings that will let you know very clearly whether you are in alignment or not. If it’s easy then you are in alignment and taking the path of least resistance. If you feel discomfort or hardships, this is a good indicator that you are off track somewhere and need to try a different course of action. While life is not without its difficulties, too many in one place is a definite indicator.

Experiencing tears or an overwhelming emotional response is a good way to tell if you are out of alignment. For example: When I’m doing a reading, the cards will often reveal a hard truth to in order to help someone correct a dysfunctional or damaging behavior that’s keeping them from getting the results they want. Many of us are unaware of or frustrated by certain situations in life, and cannot understand why we can’t navigate around them no matter how hard we try. So when I reveal a hard truth to a client, often times they will tear up and become very emotional. This is their soul letting them know that they resonate with the truth of what has been said.

Problems, problems and more problems! When you are in alignment things should flow. For example: You hire a guy to put in a new garage door. He’s friendly, nice and seems very professional. You give him a deposit and wait for your new door to arrive.

But then things start happening. The door is back-ordered for two months. When it’s ready you find out the garage door guy has broken both of his arms in a freak accident. He sends another guy out to install it and he accidentally does it wrong and now it doesn’t shut right. In addition, the motor was also short-circuited through a freak electrical issue.  In this scenario everything is clearly out of alignment. It doesn’t matter that you really liked the original guy and he was trying so hard to be helpful. Or that it wasn’t his fault he broke his arms. Or that you didn’t want to lose your deposit money. The reality is that to be in alignment sometimes you have to cut your losses and try another path instead.

Excuses! We tend to make excuses for ourselves to justify the situation instead of realizing that these are signs from the Universe that we are not in the right place. Like the example above, when you are continually experiencing issues, the proper response is to try another route, not bang your head against the wall trying to fix it. Instead we tell ourselves the wall is only cinder block not solid iron. Or that everyone has headaches. Or that the wall was expensive and it’s cheaper to bang your head against it instead of removing it. Take a look at your life and see where you are resisting alignment. You might be surprised at what you see.

How to Get in Alignment:

The great thing about realizing you are out of alignment is that it is very easy to get back in it. All you have to do is start making different choices. Depending how far off you are from where you intend to be, will dictate how long it will take to start redirecting the energy. But I have found that even a few simple choices can start things vibrating for you in a more positive way.

Alignment is so easy…Just remember something that feels good and focus on that. – Abraham Hicks

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