Aquarius Monthly Tarotscopes 2022

January 20 - February 18​
Air – Fixed – Ruled by Uranus
suppression - osho zen tarot

September 2022 (Suppression)

There are only so many times you can hold yourself back or bite your tongue. You’ve been doing this for such a long time that it has become a really bad habit. Hiding pieces of who you are is difficult. It also creates a lot of internal discord because you are essentially fighting against yourself. You have compartmentalized who you are into things that are good, acceptable and lovable versus things that are bad, unacceptable and unlovable. The truth is all humans exist in the gray area. We all have pieces of ourselves that are viewed as good and bad by other people as well as ourselves. Duality is a difficult thing to reconcile. But this month you’re being asked to do just that. Whatever parts of yourself you are holding back, or fearful of other people seeing, need to be expressed. The truth of the matter is that you are a good person. However, you mistakenly align good with perfection. We are only perfect in our imperfectness. Learn to practice acceptance and make compromises where your opinions of yourself are concerned. Two separate and opposite truths can exist at the same time.

Shadow Work Questions:
  • What is one thing I can do today to practice self-love?
  • What pieces of myself am I afraid other people will judge?
  • How can I get away from an all or nothing attitude and learn to compromise on how I see myself?

Deck: Osho Zen Tarot

6 of Pentacles - Light Seer's Tarot

August 2022 (6 of Pentacles)

Your relationship with giving and receiving is about to take on a permanent change. Up until now you have not really understood the balance between these two concepts. But you are slowly starting to grasp how tightly they are interwoven with one another. Not just on an interpersonal level, but within the Universe as a whole. One cannot exist or function on its own. This month will be full of examples of where you are falling short within this exchange. You will be given a chance to understand more completely where you are inadvertently blocking the flow. If you’re not sure where to start, begin by being generous and compassionate with others. Give from your heart center without expecting, wanting or needing anything in return. And accept things that come your way with more gratitude and less resistance. When we walk into things with the proper mindset, the duality of the situation arrives with ease and righteousness.

Shadow Work Questions:
  • Am I better at giving or receiving?
  • What emotions do I feel when I am giving & receiving?
  • What beliefs do I have about giving & receiving?

Deck: Light Seer’s Tarot

guilt - osho zen tarot

July 2022 (Guilt)

There’s a battle going on for control of your mind. Your thoughts and reality have become so merged it’s hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. The inside of our head is a painful place to be when we are not mindful of how our thoughts are impacting us. At this time, you are punishing yourself for something that has already occurred, and that you can no longer do anything about. Externally the world has moved on and you are still being gifted beautiful experiences to enjoy. Unfortunately, you are so stuck in your own head that you are unable to appreciate what’s around you. It’s time to get serious about what you’re telling yourself and why. The way you’re taking this out on yourself is above and beyond what is necessary.  Perhaps a better idea is to dissect your behavior or the mindset behind your choices. Then restructure those patterns that in a more beneficial way in the future. Remember, your mind is more inclined to accept bad information then good. So, you need to really be in control of the way you are formulating information as you review your experiences. Don’t let untrue thoughts or assumptions take over when they have no reason to be in your head.

Shadow Work Questions:
  • How is punishing myself going to make me feel better or correct the situation?
  • It’s this what I think, or is it just the story I’m telling myself in my head?
  • Why do I feel like I need to be punished?
  • How can I accept the situation as is and forgive myself for not making different choices.

Deck: Osho Zen Tarot

10 of Swords - Light Seer's Tarot

June 2022 (10 of Swords)

Our darkest moments are what teach us the most about ourselves. Whether we are talking about the painful ending, a difficult situation or someone not having our best interest at heart – The challenge remains the same. Can we still remain hopeful in the face of adversity? What’s happening around you right now is necessary, and unfortunate. To overcome this, you will need to find new ways to move. You will have to learn how to see the situation from an outside perspective, by taking your emotions out of the equation. And you will need to learn how to soothe and heal your spirit when it is hurting. Moving past things can often be difficult. But when you can understand the motivation behind it, you can move from where you are into a place of acceptance. Just to be clear, acceptance does not mean agreement. It means you value yourself enough not to let something take you down that never had your best interest at heart in the first place. Keep your eye on the places you want to move towards and focus your time and energy on that. Sitting in the past doesn’t change it. But your future is waiting for you as soon as you’re willing to take a step forward.

Shadow Work Questions:
  • What’s weighing me down that I need to let go of?
  • What important lesson did I learn?
  • How is what happened a reflection of me, and how is it a reflection of everyone else?

Deck: Light Seer’s Tarot

we are the world osho zen tarot

May 2022 (We Are the World)

In order to go beyond where you currently are, it’s time to connect with the collective consciousness. Being more in tune with others spiritually and physically is exactly the kind of energy you need to bring in at this time. Learning more about other people’s experiences, knowledge, opinions and lifestyles is essential to unlocking your current mindset. This month’s energy is also asking you to learn to find common ground and situations and people that are different from you. In addition, you’re being tasked with learning how to be vulnerable in front of others. These things may seem scary or uncomfortable to you at first. But this is only because you have been going at it on your own for so long. Your power is in the community been so are the incredible gifts that are waiting for you. Dreaming big with others is so much more fun than dreaming big alone.

Shadow Work Questions:
  • How can I connect more with a tribe of like-minded individuals?
  • What beliefs have I acquired that have gotten me stuck?
  • Where can other people help me co-create what I want?

Deck: Osho Zen Tarot

10 of Pentacles - Light Seer's Tarot

April 2022 (10 of Pentacles)

An important epiphany about life, love and success is heading your way. It’s coming in the form of a gift that’s so big it’s meant to be shared with others. Don’t question what you are being given. The foresight you’ll need to understand this complex concept is far past your current capabilities. It’s a puzzle that you’ll be unraveling for the next little while. But one that will offer clarity, insight and understanding into a problem that has previously been too big to comprehend. The community you find yourself in at this moment is unusually supportive to your process. The energy and connection you have with them is inspiring and gives you a space in which to grow as a human being. Your insights are a direct result of lessons that are reflected back to you through the individuals you come into contact with on a daily basis. Connection is an important part of our journey. Lean into the people that make life worth living.

Shadow Work Questions:
  • How can I share with others around me so that everyone can benefit?
  • How can I spend my time and energy wisely within my social circle?
  • What is the Universe trying to show me?
  • In what ways do I feel supported by my community?

Deck: Light Seer’s Tarot

consciousness osho zen tarot

March 2022 (Consciousness)

The clarity you seek is available to you, but only if you can detach from the situation itself and find stillness in your Spirit. Our mind has a great influence over our lives. Right now, yours is challenging you to move into unknown spaces. Your consciousness is limitless even though your mind keeps trying to tell you otherwise. If you can tap into this space, you can finally move from the unknown to the known. A deep awareness of how your life connects to the cosmos is on the brink of acknowledgment. Look for ways that your mind is blocking you or keeping you confined. Likewise, you’ll want to pay attention to the situation at hand from several different viewpoints in order to see the truth in its entirety.

Shadow Work Questions:
  • What is your perception of the material world vs the consciousness of your mind?
  • What can I do to find more clarity in my current situation?
  • What perspective can I gain from looking at things through the collective consciousness versus my own understanding?
  • How do I feel about concepts that are beyond my current level of comprehension?

Deck: Osho Zen Tarot

The Chariot - Light Seer's Tarot

February 2022 (The Chariot)

Get ready to start running towards your wildest dreams. The road is opening in front of you and as long as you take inspired action, things will work out in your favor. The only trick is that everything will be moving very quickly, thanks to a steady and solid push from the Universe. Make sure that you maintain a sharp focus and keep on top of the details as you speed down this new and exciting path. Missing, delaying or flat-out ignoring opportunities for whatever reason will only keep you stuck in the same place you have been sitting in. Take what’s being offered and don’t worry if you feel like you’re in unfamiliar territory. You’re not lost. You’re simply leveling up and sometimes that feels a little discombobulating. When you move forward with confidence and consistency, you’ll always achieve your goals.

Shadow Work Questions:
  • What confining energy do I need to move around right now?
  • Do I have clarity around my goals and objectives?
  • What three things can I do every day to make a clear and consistent effort towards my dreams?

Deck: Light Seer’s Tarot

experiencing - osho zen tarot

January 2022 (Experiencing)

Stop running through life on autopilot and put your cell phone away. You’ve spent so much time bogged down in the mundane tasks of your day-to-day life that you have forgotten to enjoy the experience of living. Your lesson this month is to get reconnected with the world around you. It’s not only about observing, it’s about feeling the energy that comes with those observations. Be present in each moment. Notice the beauty in the simplicity of things. Learn to pay attention to details. Check in to see how your body feels energetically in these moments. All of these things will bring you back into alignment with experiencing life in the way it was meant to be lived. You can also incorporate this mindfulness with the important people in your life who deserve to be appreciated and acknowledged. Make each day this month a collection of beauty and intentional action. Your life will be better for it.

Shadow Work Questions:
  • Where my life do I run on autopilot?
  • What do the important people in my life mean to me and how can I express that to them?
  • How do I connect with myself and the spaces in which I live?
  • What is my favorite thing to observe and how do I feel when I’m looking at it?

Deck: Osho Zen Tarot