Aries Monthly Tarotscopes 2023

March 21 - April 19
Fire - Cardinal - Ruled by Mars
Queen of Cups - Light Seer's Tarot

February 2023 (Queen of Cups)

Your emotions are balanced and in check. This is because you are finally in control of them instead of allowing them to be in control of you. With this new revelation you are able to effectively hold space and share compassion with others who are in need of structure or guidance. Don’t be afraid to open your heart to new experiences. You are connecting intuitively on a deeper level that will allow you to avoid any pitfalls you may have previously attracted.  Part of your newfound success in this area is attached to the realization that duality plays a large role in the emotions that you feel. The situations you find yourself in may not always be easy. This concept relies on difficult things being present along with easy things. The healthy emotional state you cultivate will allow you to rise above or push through the unwanted parts of this journey.

Shadow Work Questions:
  • Where am I unknowingly suppressing my emotions and how can I express them more effectively?
  • How can I be honest about what’s happening while still seeing the positive aspects of the situation?
  • What are some ways in which my openness and compassion can benefit others?

Deck: The Light Seer’s Tarot

creativity - osho zen tarot

January 2023 (Creativity)

Your inner fires are burning bright and asking to be expressed in whatever form feels best. Your emotions have a lot to say. But they cannot share their wisdom unless you help them along. A physical manifestation of your inner world is waiting to come to life. It doesn’t matter what type of modality you pick. Whether it’s arts and crafts, music, painting, sculpture or something else; Its unique representation will make other people feel more at home. If you’re feeling lost or unsure of where to start, tap into the universal source energy. It will show you the way or give you some guidance as well as inspiration for this up-and-coming project. Don’t worry about how pretty or perfect what you’re doing looks. That’s not really the point. It’s more about having fun and feeling joyful as you paint the world with your eclectic colors.

Shadow Work Questions:
  • What is my favorite way to express myself?
  • Which emotions am I feeling most intensely right now?
  • How can I talk to the world without using words?

Deck: Osho Zen Tarot