Astrology: Why It’s Important for Witches & Magick


What’s Your Sign?

Everyone loves astrology! But for those of us in the witchy community it relates to so much more than a daily horoscope. When you are a witch or someone who is interested in divination or self-growth work – astrology can be a really helpful tool. Let’s talk about some ways you can use this practically in your day to day life.

Practical Astrology

Moon Signs

Each day the moon sits in a different sign. And the signs can affect the energy of your day since each one has different characteristics. Studying astrology can help you understand what’s going on around you whether you’re simply feeling weird or experiencing specific energies. For instance, when the moon is in Pisces it tends to make people sleepy, dreamy or spaced out. Knowing that its coming from the energy of the moon helps you feel a little less worried about feeling like you’re 3 planets out of the solar system.

Spell Work

Spell work is another area in which you can piggyback off of astrological energy or transits. Once again, knowing where the Moon is will help you choose good times to create and amplify the magick you are working. For example: If you need a spell to work fast, you should work it during a fire sign day, Think Aries, Leo or Sagittarius! But steer clear of slow moving earth signs like Taurus.

Daily Magick

Each day of the week is also associated with a specific planet which can assist you in creating more powerful magick. For example: Mars (the God of War) is associated with Tuesday. That makes it a “good day to go to war” against any energies that may be working against you.

Personality Traits

You can also use your astrological chart to better understand yourself and how you move through life. Not only do you have your sun sign but you also have a rising and moon sign to draw upon as well. Each one can provide valuable insight into your personality, the choices you make and the way you move through your life. Each sign has positive and negative traits to draw on. Understanding what yours are will help you to work on any problem areas you have. In addition, you can use these same charts to work out how you are connecting to other people in your life. It can help you understand why they are the way they are and how to deal with them more effectively.

Planetary Transits

Planetary transits are another aspect of astrology. Each planet retrogrades every year, if not every few years. Understanding the planets as well as the energies they govern can assist us in positive self-growth work during these times. Since each planet rules a different energy, you have the opportunity to work on different areas of your life at different times. For example: If Venus is retrograding, you might consider taking a look at the areas of love, beauty and your relationship with money.

Astrology is so much more vast than we realize. And as an astrologer you can specialize in anything you want. I just learned there are people who do medical astrology. Which I think is fascinating! Or that there is a field of astrocartographers that show you the most compatible places to live based off of your sign. So many interesting things to learn and so little time! Get to know the basics and see how astrology can help make your magick sparkle even brighter.

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