Capricorn Monthly Tarotscopes 2023

December 22 - January 19
Earth - Cardinal - Ruled by Saturn
6 of Wands R - Light Seer's Tarot

October 2023 (6 of Wands R)

Your pessimism over not getting what you want is only increasing your discomfort. It’s okay to disagree about the situation at hand. Everyone has a different perspective and experience. However, for some reason you seem hell bent on letting a particular failure or loss define you; Instead of using it as a stepping stone or a teachable moment. Not everything in life will go the way you want. Even though it would be really nice if it could! Keep in mind that your expectations are not necessarily the house rules. They are simply what you would like to have happen in a best-case scenario. The situation at hand doesn’t necessarily say anything bad about you. Nor is it against you. It’s just the way things worked out. How you handle it says a lot more about your character than whether or not you won or lost. Make some adjustments to your mindset in order to move forward in a way that will get you the success you want, not the success other people determine you should achieve.

Shadow Work Questions: 
  • How do I define success and what does that look like for me?
  • How is attention different from being seen and validated by others?
  • What are the import takeaways from this experience that can help me in the future?

Deck: Deck: Light Seer’s Tarot

understanding - osho zen tarot

September 2023 (Understanding)

A new level of understanding about something has given you the courage to spread your wings and try something new. Until recently, all you saw were roadblocks or obstacles that were preventing you from going after what you wanted. When you were able to get out of your own way and look at things from a different perspective, what you thought was holding you back didn’t actually exist at all. It still might take you a few tries to get going on this new path the way you want. So, try to remember that everyone who starts new ventures is a little shaky at first until they get their wings. Yours are very much on the way as long as you remain open to the experience and become curious about each step. Letting go of past conditioning, limiting beliefs and other people’s opinions is definitely the way to go as things progress. By understanding the truth, you have not only set yourself free, but changed the reality you live in for the better.

Shadow Work Questions:
  • How do I deal with new information that changes everything about my current reality?
  • What limitations am I putting on myself and where did they originate from?
  • What is it that I truly desire, and what steps do I need to take to get me there?

Deck: Osho Zen Tarot

9 of Swords - Light Seer's Tarot

August 2023 (9 of Swords)

There are a lot of illusions in your mindscape that are preventing you from seeing the world and yourself as it truly is. When something difficult happens to us we either rise above it and continue on – or we become stuck in this lower vibrational energy. Right now, you are in danger of the latter. In order to get yourself out of this funk of overwhelming emotions, you will need to change your perspective in a major way. When people become negative or get stuck in a depressive mindset, their brain focuses only on things that support their current vision. For some reason they fail to see the positive things that are still happening around them. Or the support and love they have to lean on as they’re going through it. If you find yourself in this category, you have many good opportunities to switch up the heavy energy that has invaded your space as of late. Remember it’s okay to have big emotions as long as you validate and process them. But the key to your happiness will never be in anyone’s pocket but your own. Don’t forget you can reach in and grab it at any time.

Shadow Work Questions: 
  • What are three things I can be grateful for right now?
  • What story am I telling myself and where can I find facts that contradict this belief?
  • What makes me happy and how can I incorporate one of those things daily?

Deck: Deck: Light Seer’s Tarot

adventure - osho zen tarot

July 2023 (Adventure)

You are about to inadvertently wander into your next great adventure. Most people love the idea of an exciting and new experience. At least until they realize that adventures rarely go according to plan. And sometimes you don’t know what comes next. Consider this an exercise in trust. Have faith that whatever you experience and whomever you connect with is happening for your best and highest good. It is meant to challenge you. To push you past the limits of what you believe is possible for yourself. And to shove you so far outside of your comfort zone that it encourages some deep and profound personal growth. Keep in mind that it’s not about getting to the finish line or completing the task at hand. It’s about the journey itself and the pieces you pick up along the way. The true adventure here is getting to know yourself better and having an experience you can talk about for years to come.

Shadow Work Questions:
  • How do I feel about moving forward without the ability to put a solid plan in place?
  • What helps me stay focused and present in each moment?
  • Where are the lessons in the places I go, the people I meet and the things I experience?

Deck: Osho Zen Tarot

The Emperor - Light Seer's Tarot

June 2023 (The Emperor)

It’s time for you to make some strategic moves that are in your own best self-interests. You’ve been avoiding something recently because you don’t particularly like the process. Something about the way it’s done doesn’t quite feel like your style. But moving forward in this direction is definitely something you’re interested in doing, and that would benefit you greatly. In order to feel good about making some new moves, you’ll have to find a way to incorporate your personal style into a system that feels a little too outdated for your tastes. You might not have the experience at this stage in your life to navigate this thing with the old school rules. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have the wisdom to twist things around and push forward in a way that makes you feel good about it. When you can blend rules and traditions with compassion and innovation, you have the formula for success at your fingertips.

Shadow Work Questions: 
  • Where am I experiencing resistance in doing things the way they’ve always been done?
  • What special skills or trademarks do I bring to the table?
  • How can I use my creativity to move through challenges in a way I feel good about? I feel good about?

Deck: Deck: Light Seer’s Tarot

tuning in osho zen tarot

May 2023 (Tuning In)

You’ll be able to see the intricacies of a situation in a way that you never have before. Normally your mind is full of judgments, opinions and thoughts about who you are and what you’re doing. It shares the same repetitive information about interactions and situations you find yourself in. Instead of listening to the litany of garbage it’s trying to feed you, you’ll suddenly have the ability to separate yourself from your thoughts. This is extremely beneficial because they no longer have control over you. You realize that this is just third-party commentary that may not be the truth about what’s happening or how you actually feel. By using this innovative perspective you’ll be able to get in touch with yourself on a new level. This newfound sense of self-awareness will help you feel more connected to yourself and prevent you from chasing after the wrong things. Get comfortable getting connected. You’re about to experience yourself in a whole new way!

Shadow Work Questions:
  • How can I allow my thoughts to flow through my mind without judging them?
  • How are my thoughts driving my actions?
  • What changes do I notice when I take less stock in my thoughts?

Deck: Osho Zen Tarot

7 of Cups - Light Seer's Tarot

April 2023 (7 of Cups)

Decisions, decisions! There are so many options it’s hard to know which one to pick. Your indecision is holding you back from what could be an otherwise epic adventure. Right now, you’re more focused on how you feel about the choices in front of you as opposed to the facts. In order to make an informed decision you need to remove your emotions from the equation. Feelings aren’t real. At least not in the sense of applying them to future situations you aren’t actually in. Our brain often tries to protect us from things it labels as scary or unsafe. When the truth is, anything we haven’t tried before typically fits these qualifications. You’ll never really know what the situation feels like unless you go for it. The good news is that after a while, if you decide you don’t like the choice you made, you can simply make a new one and go a different direction. Have confidence in yourself that you can move forward towards your future without knowing the whole story beforehand.

Shadow Work Questions: 
  • How are my emotions driving my decision making?
  • Where have I made decisions in the past that have turned out well, even though I didn’t have everything all figured out up front?
  • What is the worst that can happen by choosing a particular course of action?

Deck: Deck: Light Seer’s Tarot

slowing down - osho zen tarot

March 2023 (Slowing Down)

In a fast-paced world, moving with intention and clarity can be difficult to do. Rushing has become the norm for many. This draw is a reminder that you are trying too hard to keep up with others that are running a different race. The busier you are the more time you must take for yourself in order to maintain the balance your spirit requires. Spend this time learning how to move through life without such high expectations. Accept things as they appear, not as you would like them to be. Refrain from trying to improve the situation or invent ways to be more productive. When you can be at ease in the present moment, you have finally embraced the true essence of slowing down. You are no longer worrying about the past or the future. The journey is the only focus. And your attention is specifically directed at where you are about to step next. Making space for yourself to rest and be comfortable is exactly what you need to focus on. Become the master of slow and deliberate movement.

Shadow Work Questions:
  • How comfortable am in my body when I when I allow myself to experience stillness.
  • What is it that drives me to move at such a fast pace and is it actually beneficial?
  • How can I be more accepting of situations as is instead of feeling like I have to change them?

Deck: Osho Zen Tarot

The Moon - Light Seer's Tarot

February 2023 (The Moon)

If you want the answer’s you’ve been looking for it’s time go deep within. The reason things have been elusive is because you are viewing them from a purely a top surface level. Where you need to go to find the information you seek will be a little uncomfortable, and maybe even scary. There are places inside of ourselves that are hard to look at, but that also influence us more deeply in the material world than we realize. It is these mechanisms and stories that we tell ourselves on a subconscious level that can hold us back from realizing what’s right in front of us. It’s time to get down to the nitty gritty and reprogram your mind to think in a way that helps you instead of hinders you. Don’t be afraid of what you see. It might be upsetting for a moment. But you can push through it in order to gain the valuable information and insight you need to overcome your current mood or situation.

Shadow Work Questions: 
  • What parts of myself am I afraid to look at and why?
  • What answers would be helpful to me at this time?
  • How can the past help me move forward or effectively in the future?

Deck: Deck: Light Seer’s Tarot

abundance - osho zen tarot

January 2023 (Abundance)

Your focus needs to be on what you feel comfortable allowing into your space. Great things that are currently on their way to you. The only question is whether or not you have the capacity to energetically receive them. Keep in mind that abundance comes in many forms beyond financial. It’s all about having what you need when you need it. The Universe is gifting you much of what you require, simply because you have earned it. Accepting things that arrive on your doorstep isn’t something that comes easily to many people. And it’s something you’ll struggle with during the next 30 days. Examine and what’s holding you back and why. Otherwise, you may miss some really killer opportunities and benefits. Remember that it’s okay to take things for yourself. Having abundance in your life does not necessarily mean having excess or hoarding resources. Learn to get comfortable having the things you need. As long as you express gratitude instead of overindulging, you’ll end up a-okay.

Shadow Work Questions:
  • How can my actions create more abundance in my life?
  • What is the difference between abundance and excess?
  • How do I feel about accepting what I need?

Deck: Osho Zen Tarot