Celebrating the Fall Equinox: 5 Fun & Easy Activities

celebrating the fall equinox

The Perfect Balance of Darkness and Light

We are getting ready to celebrate the Fall Equinox (or Mabon) on September 23 this year. It is the last harvest of the year and it signifies the start of fall and the end of summer. On this date, the hours of sunlight and darkness are equal. You may even be able to feel the hectic pace of summer’s energy begin to wane as we slide into the mellow and slower movements of autumn.

During this time the earth is also changing. If you look around you can see it providing us with a bountiful harvest. It is graciously giving us sustenance to tide us over as it prepares to hibernate for the long and cold winter months.  It’s a profound changing of the guard that is felt everywhere, whether you are in tune with nature or not.  If you would like to join in celebrating the Fall Equinox, there are some fun and easy ways for you to join the party.

Take stock of your own inner harvest.  

Sometimes it’s good to look within ourselves and take stock of what’s going on.  It helps us stay focused and prioritize what’s most important to us. Some questions you may want to ask yourself during the Fall Equinox are: What have you accomplished this year? What have you learned? What do you need to improve on? What areas have you neglected your personal growth?

Create a Mabon Altar

This doesn’t have to be a fancy or complicated endeavor. And let’s be honest, having an alter you enjoy looking at makes your home feel cozy and more inviting. You can include fall leaves of any color, festive gourds, flower and anything else you want to create that you feel goes with the season. You may even consider adding some candles with fall colors or a gratitude jar you can add one thing to each day during the month.

Create a Gratitude List 

I try to be grateful for at least 3 things every day, even if I just say them out loud to myself. But what I find is that most people miss out on this simple practice. It’s been my experience that the more gratitude you have, the more the universe will provide you with more of the same.  So on this Sabbat, I encourage you to start a gratitude practice, list or jar of your own.

Work Some Apple Magic

Apples are a symbol of the harvest during the Fall Equinox. If you’re not a skilled witch and don’t know where to start, I’ve got you covered! Try out my Harvest Ritual and gain some insight into the areas of balance, harmony, prosperity, security & protection in your life. It’s easy to do and you don’t have to have any special magickal abilities in order to do it. Everyone is invited!

Get Balanced

This harvest is a good time for people to get grounded and centered. Especially these days, when we are inundated with so much stimulation and technology which can easily knock us off our rockers. Not sure where to start celebrating the Fall Equinox? Spend some time today meditating and getting back into your body.  Focus on your breath and balancing your flow. Some other great ideas for maintaining more stability are practicing yoga or doing a little Tai Chi. These two things are great for centering and getting the energy flowing consistently throughout your body.

Blessed Mabon Everyone!

May the energy of the Fall Equinox bring you the balance and harmony you desire. 

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