Cleansing Crystals: Easy Ways to Keep them Charged


Crystals Need Love Too!

Crystals are pretty popular these days, and not just within the spiritual community. These beautiful stones are an easy way to change the energy of a space. And you can use them for healing, meditation, protection or even as home or office decor. But we often forget that as crystals do their work, they tend to get dirty from all of the energy they are clearing or blocking for you. This is why it’s important to always cleanse crystals on a regular basis so they continue to work properly.

Certain crystals like Selenite and Citrine are self-cleaning, so if you’re lazy about crystal maintenance you might want to start with those. But the majority of crystals do need to be cleansed, depending on what feels best to you, or what the stone is telling you that it needs. Here’s some simple ways to reset the energy vibrations in your stones:


This is one of the easiest and most common ways witches and other spiritual practitioners will cleanse their crystals. Sage and Frankincense are used to cleans and clear negative energy in a space or off of a person, so it makes complete sense that you would be able to clean your crystals using this same method. All you need to do is gently swirl your crystals through the smoke until they feel clear. Personally, when I hold mine in the smoke, it hugs the stone tightly while its doing its work. And as soon as its cleared, the smoke pulls away from my crystal.


To cleanse your crystals by moonlight, place them on a windowsill overnight where the light will hit them. You can do this during any phase of the moon that has light. However the full moon is best because it has the highest energy.

Salt water/Ocean Water – Give your crystal a cleansing bath! Just make sure it’s not a water soluble crystal first! For this method you can take a bowl of water (I like purified or alkaline) and I give it a little bath for a few hours. You can add salt if you wish for additional cleansing. If you are lucky enough to live near the ocean you can take your crystals down to the beach and rinse them out in the water. If you take some ocean water home with you please return it to the ocean when you are finished.

Dirt or Soil

I have two crystals in my collection that always request to be cleansed in the dirt when they are full. If you’re feeling this option, its pretty simple. Bury your stones in the dirt for 24 hours, preferably somewhere safe where they will not be disturbed. I like to use a patch of dirt in my garden. This works as a cleansing method because the earth neutralizes negative or dirty energy. It absorbs it and resets everything to its natural state of balance.


I know some people use this one but I’m not a fan of cleansing my crystals this way. I feel like it can break down the integrity of the crystal, especially over time. Use your best judgment on this one.

Sound bowls

If you have a sound bowl, this is another fun way you can cleanse crystals. The vibrations from the bowl will restore the proper vibration to the crystal, cleansing it in the process.. Just hold it close to the sound to clear it of any excess energy it’s holding.


Did you know that some crystals can actually clean themselves? It’s true! Selenite and Citrine are perfect examples of this. I do this all the time, especially with stones like black tourmaline that usually work very hard around me. Place a Selenite or Citrine next to the crystal you want to clean and let it do all the work! I have a large Selenite wand at home where I always place crystals and gemstone jewelry on for fast and easy cleaning.

Maybe one day,
after centuries,
we can become brilliant gems
in crystal caves
and we will be immortal after all.” 
― Keelie Breanna

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