Cleansing with the Element of Air

The Air Element

The Power of the East

The element of air is essential for all beings to exist. It is the breath of life, a source of energy, and a carrier of sound. It is signified by the color yellow, the season of Spring and the direction of East in magickal workings. In addition to being a force of nature, the air element has a powerful effect on our physical, mental and spiritual health. That’s why working with the elements is such an essential part of one’s spiritual practice.

As a practioner, the elements can be used for many things. However, one place I find them particularly useful is in cleansing. No matter where you go or what you do, you pick up energy from just living your day-to-day life. When it becomes too heavy or stagnant people tend to experience negative side effects. Spiritual hygiene is just as important as physical hygiene, which is why it’s necessary to cleanse on a regular basis.

Whether you’re well versed in the elements or new to the spiritual world, there are a wide variety of ways to use this element to your best advantage. The most important thing to remember when doing this kind of work is that intention is everything. How you direct the element and any tools you use to work for you sets the tone for the outcome of your sessions.

Some of these suggestions may be ones you have tried before while others may be new or a good reminder of past experiences. Either way, take what works for you and leave out the rest. Your intuition is always a good indicator of which direction to go next!

High Vibrational Music (Hz)

One way to cleanse energy with air is by using high vibrational music in the Hz frequency. The air element is the element of the mind. Using music that is precisely tuned to these frequencies creates a powerful energetic field that opens you up to higher states of consciousness. This type of music helps raise your vibration and can help clear out any negative or stagnant energies that may be present in your environment. To achieve this effect, you should choose music that has a frequency range between 40Hz and 963Hz. This range will create a vibration that is conducive to healing and allow your energy to vibrate at beneficial levels.

Opening Doors & Windows

Another way to cleanse with air is by opening doors and windows in your home or workspace. This allows fresh air to enter the space and can help move out any stagnant energies that may be present. You can also use fans or other methods to circulate the air if needed. Simply walk around to each door or window with your intention in mind and invite the air element into your home. When you finish, be sure to thank it for its assistance. Then close the doors and windows in the reverse order in which they were opened.

Windchimes, Music & Sound Bowls

Windchimes music and sound bowls are great tools for cleansing with air. The sound vibrations created by these instruments can help move out any negative energies that may be present in your environment. Windchimes have a calming effect while sound bowls provide more intense vibrations which can be used for deeper cleansing work. Even something as simple as regular music can work for you. Playing a song you like can make you feel good and raise your energetic vibration. You don’t always have to be listening to something profound for the notes to change things up. When choosing your tools, remember that your body will resonate with specific sounds and notes more than others. Pick something that feels soothing to your spirit.


Smudging is an ancient practice used for cleansing energy with air. (The elements of fire, earth & spirit can also be associated here.) This process involves burning herbs such as sage or sweetgrass. While carrying an intention of clearing away any negative energies that may be present in your space. The smoke from these herbs helps purify the area. It also provides spiritual protection against any unwanted energies entering into it again afterwards. You can make your own bundles or purchase them from a store. Just be sure to look for herbs that have been sustainably sourced. And never use anything without doing your research first to make sure you’re being mindful of sacred practices.


Feathers are another great tool for cleansing and have been used since ancient times for this purpose. Holding feathers over areas where you feel stagnant or blocked energies can help move them out so that new positive energies can enter into the space instead. You can also use feathers to sweep away any negative energies from yourself or others during energetic healing sessions as well as during ceremonies or rituals. They are associated with birds of flight and can be a powerful representation of this element.


Breathwork is another great way to cleanse energy. By focusing on your breath and taking slow, deep breaths you can release stuck energy. This also clears out any negative emotions or thoughts that may be blocking your progress. Breathwork can be done alone or in combination with other healing modalities such as Reiki or meditation if you’d like to combine different techniques. If you’re not sure where to start, Box Breathing is a great method to try. It’s even used by the military to regulate our parasympathetic nervous system and can also be helpful in moments of stress or anxiety.

Energy Healing Modalities

Energy healing modalities such as Reiki are an effective way to move stagnant energy and restore balance within yourself and others. Reiki works by channeling universal life force energy through the practitioner and into the recipient in order to heal physical, emotional and mental imbalances. Other forms of energy healing include crystal healing, sound healing, acupuncture and acupressure. All of these modalities work in a similar way to help create harmony within ourselves and our environment.

In Closing

As someone who is well versed in working with the air element, I know how beneficial it is to connect with it on a deeper level. By doing so, we can tap into its abilities and work more closely with nature. It is important to remember that the air element is ever-changing and requires constant awareness in order to make the most of its gifts. With a little bit of practice, we can become friends with the air in all its forms. And in doing so, create a peaceful and healing space for ourselves.