Creating a Home Guardian: Hire a Bouncer for Your House!

home guardian

The Ultimate Protector

Why should you create a home guardian? As a witch or a magickal practitioner, having a safe and protected home is of the utmost importance. House protection has a variety of different techniques and practices that you can choose from, such as sigils, crystals or charms. But not everyone connects with this type of magick for anchoring such a large and important space. This is where home guardians come in!

A home guardian is basically like having your own personal bouncer or bodyguard for your house. This concept works better for people who find it easier to connect with something that has an actual form as opposed to an abstract concept of energy.

The great thing about creating a home guardian is that it can be specifically tailored to your personal needs. It doesn’t have a lot of rules or regulations attached to its appearance or symbolism in your space. Which works well especially if you’re the only magickal member of your household.

Steps for Creating Your Home Guardian

1) Figure out what you would like your Home Guardian to look like. Pick something that feels comfortable and easy to relate to. If you prefer to charge a particular object for this task, that is also an option.

2) Ground yourself, set up a protective circle around you and invite your Home Guardian to meet with you.

3) Let the Home Guardian know what you need and ask if they are willing to assist you. Remember, this is NOT a servant. You are creating a helping energy and you should always ask permission instead of trying to force anything into it.

4) Once everyone is in agreement, give your Guardian a tour of your space. Let them know of any specific needs or concerns that you have in keeping your place safe and protected. If you have decided to charge an object instead, do the same thing and take it with you from room to room.

5) Place the object you have chosen in a central location in your home. Or in the place you feel needs the most protection. If you don’t have an object, make sure you have a special place where you can say thank you or leave offerings of gratitude for your House Guardians service. A little appreciation goes a long way!

Home is a shelter from storms-all sorts of storms.

– William J. Bennett

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