Dealing With Loss: Tips for Coping

Dealing with loss

Shit Happened. Now What?

Dealing with loss is hard. The last two months I’ve been watching people’s lives completely fall apart. I’ve seen major life changes, breakups, midlife crisis’, and unfortunately a fair amount of people passing away. But what do you do if you’re dealing with these kind of losses and you can’t get past the painful emotions you’re feeling? How do you cope with what’s happening?

The good news is that there are some easy things you do to help you navigate though a difficult time. I want to make it clear that in no way will this keep you from dealing with your loss, but it will lighten the load and hopefully give you some extra healing when you need it the most.

Buy Roses

Roses are my number one go to in times like this. They have the highest energy vibration of any flower on earth. In difficult emotional times they lend a hand by absorbing the heavy energy that’s on or around you. They basically take the hit so you don’t have to. The faster they wilt, the more energy they are likely absorbing. Try color associations for specific situations. Red for love/self-love, yellow to promote joy, pink for beauty and white for peace or healing.

Get an Energy Healing

When life happens to us, our personal energy field gets affected whether we realize it or not. Blockages can occur which in turn affects the energy flow throughout our entire body. (Sort of like a car that’s not firing on all cylinders.) Globs of negative energy can latch onto us or we may be inadvertently hanging onto things we need to let go of. All of these issues can be addressed and corrected during an energy healing session.

Get a Tarot Reading

Get a reading with someone who can help you make sense of what’s happening around you right now and why. Just make sure you’re open and ready for what you hear because those tarot cards can sometimes lay out some hard but helpful truths. The deck’s purpose is to be of service and guide you, but to also let you know when you’re heading the wrong direction or making bad choices. Getting your cards read is an excellent way for you to learn how to move forward in a positive way from where you’re currently at.

Never Forget

If you find yourself dealing with loss in the manner of someone passing away, please know that our energy lives on even beyond this physical body. Celebrate your life and theirs every day. There’s no better tribute to someone you’ve loved and lost than to live each day to the fullest, remembering that tomorrow is never a guarantee. There are a lot of people who deserve to be here and unfortunately don’t get to stay. Remember that no one truly dies until the last time someone says their name. So continue to keep them with us by sharing stories and memories when you can.

There are many more tips I could offer, but I feel like these are the most important ones to help get you to a place where you can start to heal. Or at least ease some of the pain you’re experiencing. If you’re going through a difficult time, know that my thoughts are with you and I hope the light shines into your darkness very soon. If you know someone who is dealing with anything heavy, no matter how big or small, make an effort to hold space for them and be supportive. And if you don’t know what to do – it never hurts to show up with roses.

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