Do You Love Yourself? The Importance of Self-Connection.

love yourself

Well, Do You?

“Do you love yourself?” is such an important question. The love you have for yourself affects so many different pieces of your life. It determines how you treat yourself, how you treat others and it teaches people how you like to be cared for. So why on earth are we not checking in with ourselves? Why are we not making sure we’re giving the most important person in our life all the love they need and deserve?

Probably because self-love is a tricky thing. As humans we were made to be perfectly imperfect. Because our mission here is to learn and grow. But it’s difficult to love yourself sometimes, even if you grew up in a supportive environment. This is why really working your Connection with Yourself is so important.

Especially When

We live in a world full of haters. People who want to see you fail. People who are jealous. People who are insecure. People who put you down so they can feel better about themselves. People who judge. People who are thoughtless with their words and actions. Not to mention society’s standards of beauty, success and happiness. With all of the outside noise telling you that you’re not good enough – it becomes easier to believe.

When you’re not feeling so great about the way that other people see you, it’s going to be difficult to feel good about yourself. And digging deep into whether or not you love yourself is not going to be high on your priority list. Even though it should be. Building a good foundation of self-love from the inside out will help you navigate energies that try to make you believe you’re less than amazing. Don’t be afraid to do the necessary shadow work so you can learn to love yourself unconditionally.

The hardest part for many people is knowing where to start. How on earth do you love yourself? If you’re not sure where to begin, I’ve come up with some tips to help you foster more self-love.

How to Love Yourself

❤️ Don’t worry about what anyone else’s standards are. Set your own values for self-worth. The only person you should be in competition with is yourself.

❤️ Make a list of all of your special qualities & talents. If you’re having a hard time with this one, ask your friends. I’m sure they have a lot of great things to say about you.

❤️ Do your healing work. We’ve all been through difficult situations that have made us look at ourselves differently and in a less positive light. Do the work to reprogram any limiting or false beliefs you have about yourself. You are worthy!

❤️ Treat yourself like someone you love. Take care of yourself. Nurture your body with healthy meals and snacks. Buy yourself flowers. Exercise or spend time in nature. And rest when you’re feeling overwhelmed or tired. Pay attention to what you need!

If you’re feeling inspired, leave a comment below & share something that’s loveable about you.

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