The Fool

The Fool

Upright Meaning

  • New Adventures
  • Establishing a path
  •  New Opportunities

Reversed Meaning

  • Irrational Behavior
  • Making Wrong Choices
  • Aimless Wandering
  • Taking the easy way out

Always make time for an adventure.

The Fool Overview

The Fool is a card of new adventures or new beginnings. He has the desire to accomplish great things.  However he is innocent and inexperienced, thus making him The Fool. The card depicts him with a dreamy look on his face, ready to start out on his new path. Unfortunately he is looking up to the sky day dreaming about his new path instead of paying attention to the fact that the cliff is about to drop off beneath him. The energy of this card is “when ignorance is bliss, tis folly to be wise.” Should this card appear reversed in a reading, it may involve wrong choices as well as taking the easy way out.

Questions for You to Meditate On

Where in my life can I be more spontaneous?

How can I be more prepared for new situations?

Do I have a plan and if so what is it?

How do I feel about taking chances and trying new things?