Exit Points: Your Spiritual Offramp

exit points

The Soul’s Journey

Exit points are a natural part of every soul’s plan for their time here on Earth. They are points in our timeline that allow us to transition from the material plane to the Spiritual one – should we choose to take them. If you’ve done any research on soul groups or past lives, exit points is a topic that has probably come up.

Before we are born, each soul chooses their body, appearance, family members, life lessons, goals and hardships. This includes any major or profound events they will experience. Everything is essentially agreed upon and mapped out before you get here. Interestingly enough, your plan also includes how you come into your life, as well as how you will leave it. The comforting part of this strategy is it ensures the circumstances of a persons death are not anyone’s fault. Your exit is always a soul choice, down to the last details. This part of the soul plan removes the need to blame anyone or anything for someone’s passing. Because no matter what actions were taken, or what events occurred, the death was supposed to happen exactly as is.

Our souls choose events and other things in our lives in order to learn lessons and experience growth. That’s the purpose of creating a soul plan and soul contracts. But we do still have the free will to decide how to navigate these events. How we do so, determines how much we are actually learning along the way. So please don’t think your entire destiny is set in stone because it’s not! Just know there are specific obstacles and challenges that will be placed in your path to help you experience what you came here to do. Exit points are not exception. Which is why you get more than one.  

How many Exit Points are there?

Exit points are set up for the soul to choose, based on how their life path unfolds up to these points. You can think of this concept like a freeway with different offramps. When you see the one you’re supposed to get off on you take it. Most souls create between 3-5 exit points during their lifetime. Each exit is typically placed in different age ranges. So over time, as we pass through each range, that specific exit point will disappear. 

When are we ready to choose an exit point?

When a soul completes its lessons, or accomplished what it came here to do.

Sometimes it takes a soul a lifetime to get the job done. Other times it may achieve it’s pre-set goals at a younger age. When someone passes as a child, as a young adult or in their prime, we often see it as someone who was taken from us too soon. The reality is that the soul simply came here and did what it needed to do very quickly. And it will take those lessons back with them as it transitions to the other side.

When we simply aren’t able or willing to continue

Sometimes people are just over it. When someone feels like they’re “done” and they aren’t interested in continuing on, they have the option of taking an exit point. This choice could originate from a variety of overwhelming physical, mental or emotional issues. Or even from a deep knowing that it’s time to go. It’s basically like having an escape hatch built in if you really need it. Because at the end of the day, Spirit isn’t interested in forcing you to be here if it’s not what you want. 

Your spiritual or karmic debt has been cleared

Some of us want another chance to do things differently. Especially if we deeply regret our actions from a previous lifetime. Our goal here is to correct some of our past mistakes so we can evolve as a soul. Choosing a lifetime that creates opportunities, or put us in positions to do this, is what we came back for. Because this is a difficult task, it may take some souls longer to complete than others. When you’ve mastered the lesson, you can leave knowing your slate has been wiped clean. 

When a soul has decided being human is too difficult

I think we can all agree that life is hard. Not everyone has the ability to withstand the plan they have chosen for themselves, and that’s ok. However, if things are too much for us, we have an opportunity to leave, reassess our original plan, and try again when we’re ready. Situations that might fall under this category are depression, disabilities and chronic or debilitating health issues. An emotionally or physically abusive environment could qualify as well. This reaction of things being too tough could be a case of being overly ambitious with your life plan. Souls can get excited about incarnating and accidentally bite off more than they can chew.

We are stuck in a pattern we need to be released from

We’d like to think we could pull ourselves out of any challenge if we try hard enough. But unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Sometimes people just get stuck in unhealthy patterns. For whatever reason, our soul cannot help but make the same detrimental choices over and over again. This stagnation makes it impossible to achieve your soul’s goals and lessons. When this happens sometimes the only way to break this cycle is to take one of your exit points.

Soul S0waps (or Walk-ins) – The Halfway Exit Point

Did you know that your soul can walk out while another one walks in? This can happen when a body’s original soul decides to leave earlier than planned. When it exits, a second soul is sent into the same body to replace it. This transfer is optimally designed for more advanced souls that can handle taking over a developed body. It’s important to note that soul swaps are always pre-agreed upon by both souls. Much like a formal contract. So, there’s no need to worry that someone is going to just jump in and shove your soul out of your body without your permission.

In some instances, you may have two souls in your body simultaneously. There are several different reasons and ways this can happen. Sometimes your old soul needs to give your new one some notes and instructions for when it’s flying solo. Kind of like a new employee training program. In this instance you’ll be housing them both for a short period of time.

Your soul also has the option of taking a break and checking out for a bit. But don’t worry! You’ll get what I like to call a seat filler soul who will keep things running until your original one is ready to return.

The last type of swap you may experience is when another soul needs to ride shotgun with you. The second soul is essentially there to shadow your life for a particular event you experience, hoping to learn from what transpires. A shadowing soul may also stop by to provide a little extra support during a particularly challenging time in your life.

How do you swap souls?

A soul swap generally occurs when you experience a traumatic event of some kind. This could be something like a car accident, coma, depressive episode, a near death experience, loss of a loved one, a physical attack or any intense period of hardship. Some people won’t even notice a swap has happened and will continue doing business as usual. Others may feel like something strange took place but they just can’t put their finger on what exactly it is.

The transition itself really depends on what the new soul is like. And whether or not they have agreed to take over the original soul’s contracts. Taking on existing contracts means that they will continue the relationships and human connections of the original soul. However, it is important to note that a walk-in soul will have its own unique set of goals and life lessons, so this part will aways shift with the new arrival. This change can show up in areas like hobbies, employment or the types of opportunities the individual is now open to.

How to tell if you have a new soul

Struggling with Self-Identity:

If you’re suddenly struggling with who you are, or feel disconnected from yourself, you may have experienced a soul swap. Unfortunately, a new soul taking over may not know how to relate to you and your body right away. Especially since it is most likely entering your space after some sort of traumatic or life altering event. Making it likely that it has to navigate around physical or emotional damage that is also affecting your sense of self. Some individuals will undergo a complete personality change, while others may make more minor adjustments to who they were prior to the swap.

Issues Relating to Friends & Family:

Another telltale sign is if you are having issues relating to the people in your life. Especially if your new soul didn’t agree to honor your original soul’s contracts. Suddenly your friends, family, romantic partners or anyone else you come in contact with on a regular basis is hard to be around. People you’ve known your whole life feel like strangers and you don’t understand why. Your new soul didn’t pick these individuals so of course it has a challenging time relating to them. This is just another learning curve your new soul has as it adjusts to being in your already developed body. Some of these connections may eventually get phased out to make room for new people who are more in alignment with the new soul.

Feeling Lost

Feeling lost or grieving your past is another issue you may experience with a soul swap. Your new soul will be subject to an adjustment period and rightly so. It needs to come to terms with the life this body has led before it arrived. As well as making careful adjustments to carry out it’s own lessons and goals moving forward. It won’t be used to your environment or lifestyle, so there will be a learning curve until it can get into alignment with its individual life plan.

In Closing

Exit points, whether they are a final good-bye or a soul swap, are important elements in your soul’s journey. Understanding how they work can give you a better sense of self and allow you to learn more about your purpose as a human being.

Death and transition are difficult topics that are often swept under the rug in our society. Which makes them even harder to deal with than they are. It doesn’t matter if it’s in regards to our own personal path or with trying to make sense over losing people we care about. Knowing that everything is part of a divine plan and chosen by you for your soul’s growth can take away some of the fear, confusion and guilt we feel during this process.

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