Four of Cups​

Four of Cups

Upright Meaning

  • Dissatisfaction
  • Re-evaluation
  • Not accepting proposals
  • Things not appearing as good as they seem

Reversed Meaning

  • Renewed activity
  • Re-sparking
  • New ambitions

I refuse to settle.

Four of Cups Overview

In the four of cups we find a young man sitting under a tree. He is being offered many things from different chalices and refusing each one. The choices he is offered from the four cups are not necessarily bad or deceiving. They simply do not float his boat. This is similar to craving a particular flavor of ice cream, only to find that it is discontinued. The ice cream shop graciously offers you many other delicious flavors, but since it is not what you desire, you go home empty handed.

Looking at this card from another direction, the young man can also be seen as deep within his own thoughts. Talking a step back from the conscious world to step inside himself. He may be looking for answers, contemplating life or simply finding his own inner peace. This journey is more important to him that what is going on in the outside world, so some things that are being offered are passing him by.

Questions for You to Meditate On

Why am I unhappy with what’s being presented to me?

What am I seeing vs what am I actually getting?

How can I create what I want without having to settle?

What lights me up and how do I bring more of that energy in?