Four of Swords

Four of Swords

Upright Meaning

  • Relaxation
  • Healing
  • Soul searching
  • Jail
  • Laid off of work

Reversed Meaning

  • Renewed activity
  • Movement

I give myself permission to rest.

Four of Swords Overview

The Four of Swords is a card of relaxation and healing. A pause to recharge or try to make sense of what is going on around you.  A necessary break. Several other meanings can be applied here if you take a close look at this card. The Four of Swords imagery can also imply a jail stay, someone who is laid off of work, a hospital stay or even a person who is simply taking a nap! Reversed in a reading this card shows movement or renewed activity. Much like what sort of progress one might achieve after they took a moment to relax and recharge.

Questions for You to Meditate On

What’s my favorite way to relax?

Why am I stepping back or being removed from a situation?

How can I get myself moving again after a period of inactivity?

Am I comfortable being alone?