Gemini Monthly Tarotscopes 2022

May 21 - June 21
Air - Mutable - Ruled by Mercury
ordinariness - osho zen tarot

September 2022 (Ordinariness)

If you want to impress people right now it’s best not to take a complicated or showy approach. Your best bet is to stick with something simpler. In a world where people are trying to solve problems and stand out by being “over the top”, they often forget that going back to basics still works every time. The way you present yourself matters. How you problem solve and approach different situations says a lot about your quiet strength. It’s not so much about what things look like from the outside. But more about the reverence and love that you put into what you’re doing. It’s also about the peace that comes from being in each ordinary moment, while retaining the ability to see the greatness that is carried within. Spend some time examining why we have given the term ordinary such a negative connotation. And why we no longer give our attention to the simple but amazing things that make such a big difference in our lives.

Shadow Work Questions:
  • Where in your life can ordinary moments become extraordinary?
  • How can you train yourself to see beauty and simple or basic things?
  • Why does it feel hard to be ordinary, and what do you think this realistically says about someone or something?

Deck: Osho Zen Tarot

Judgement R - Light Seer's Tarot

August 2022 (Judgement R)

Releasing your expectations of yourself and others is the key to setting yourself free. When you finally learn how to stop judging others, you’ll similarly realize how to stop judging yourself. You’ve been denying an integral part of who you are for quite some time. This intense dissociation is starting to cause disruptions in your connections with others. Perhaps this shadow feels embarrassing, unworthy or unlovable. But please know that couldn’t be further from the truth! As with everything in life there is an unspoken middle ground. Many people refer to this as the gray area. In this space two things can be true. The first is that you can be a good person. The second is that you can also have work to do. Neither one of these truths negates the other. Your job this month is to find out how to exist between the positive and negative aspects of who you think you are. When you learn to present yourself to the world more authentically, you become comfortable in your own skin.

Shadow Work Questions:
  • What Shadow Work have I been avoiding?
  • Why do I feel like I have to be perfect in order to be loved? Where is this messaging originating from?
  • How can I move my thought process towards the gray area and away from black and white thinking?

Deck: Deck: Light Seer’s Tarot

understanding - osho zen tarot

July 2022 (Understanding)

You’ll be experiencing some mind-bending moments that will reshape the way you think about reality. Up until now you’ve known what the rules were. You’ve accepted your boundaries “as is” and played the game by staying within the lines. But what if there were no rules? And all of the limitations you thought you had, were suddenly non-existent? What would you do, where would you go and who would you be? These are all questions you’ll need to explore as you move through this next phase of your life. You are suddenly free to do more than you ever thought was possible. While this thought is liberating, it can also be a little bit scary to find yourself in uncharted waters. Think of what’s happening as an adventure and get curious about exploring life from a different perspective. Once you get where you are going, you’ll find a lot of people who have recently been through a similar experience. While you might feel alone on the journey, you’re actually in very good company. This is a chance not only to find yourself, but to find your tribe!

Shadow Work Questions:
  • What would I do if I didn’t have to follow any rules?
  • What’s happening around me that is set in stone, and what limitations can actually be removed?
  • How do I feel about the concept of freedom and what would I do if I had more of it?
  • Who would I be if I wasn’t worried about what anyone else thought of me?

Deck: Osho Zen Tarot

Queen of Pentacles R - Light Seer's Tarot

June 2022 (Queen of Pentacles R)

You’d rather be focusing on having fun than being responsible. The energy around you is making it difficult to stay on top of your game and take care of the boring but necessary tasks on your plate. Stability shouldn’t be seen as a burden. But more so as a foundation from which to grow. Ignoring your obligations from time to time isn’t a big deal. But when you let things go for too long of a stretch, your foundation starts to collapse. Your desire to disconnect this month is coming from a place of stress that you yourself have created. You are doing more than is necessary for yourself and for others. Bringing more balance to your life will help ease the overwhelming emotions you feel. As will reevaluating your goals and understanding what you are chasing and why. Figure out a way to take care of your responsibilities while still allowing yourself to enjoy your life. Connecting with other people will bring in some much-needed warmth and perspective.

Shadow Work Questions:
  • What in my life feels heavy to me right now?
  • What do I like to do for fun and how often am I actually doing these things?
  • What am I actively doing that is creating stability?
  • What am I ignoring that I should really be looking at?

Deck: Deck: Light Seer’s Tarot

comparison - osho zen tarot

May 2022 (Comparison)

Life will always seem unfair when you compare two opposite things to one another. A tree has different skills & qualities than that of a bamboo rod. When you expect one thing to do the job of another, you’ll always end up frustrated and disappointed. Take some time to look within and see where you are unfairly comparing yourself to other people, situations or benchmarks of the human existence. When you run a race with yourself, there is no one else to beat. You can play to your strengths and weaknesses instead of fitting yourself into a box that’s not meant for you. Find out who you really are and what’s most important to you by forming a solid connection with yourself. Learn how to be your own best friend. Discover what makes you feel good, what your special gifts are and what kind of existence feeds your soul. Then go out there and do more of that!

Shadow Work Questions:
  • Where am I focused on what other people are doing and why?
  • What are 3 things that are special about me?
  • How can I share my talents with others?
  • What can I do to get to know myself better?

Deck: Osho Zen Tarot

King of Cups R - Light Seer's Tarot

April 2022 (King of Cups R)

Your emotions are out of control this month and It’s causing you to do things you wouldn’t normally be doing. When we are out of balance with the rhythms of life, our internal balance becomes disturbed as well. In order to restore our rhythm, take a step back and figure out where the storm is coming from. Whatever is coming out of you right now is a secondary emotion. That means there is something deeper underneath this that is causing it. For example, sometimes we are angry when the truth is we are so deeply hurt that it is difficult to address. Look for these spaces inside of yourself this month and try to get to the heart of the matter. Chances are it won’t be that difficult to find once you start looking. As you’re going through the process of releasing and acceptance, remember to be his kind and compassionate with yourself as you would a good friend. The inner you needs a little extra TLC right now to move through this uncomfortable space.

Shadow Work Questions:
  • What is the main emotion I’m feeling right now and what emotion is it hiding underneath it?
  • What situation is this drawing me back to and how did I feel in that moment?
  • What loving things can I do to take care of myself today?
  • What do I need that would bring me comfort right now?

Deck: Deck: Light Seer’s Tarot

success osho zen tarot

March 2022 (Success)

Because you have accepted challenges in your life and decided to face them head on, you are being rewarded with great success. When we achieve big things, it is important to celebrate our hard work. Most people don’t understand the trials and tribulations it has taken you to get to this moment. But you know better than anyone how hard you worked to get here. Celebrating your wins is important because it reminds you that you are strong enough to take on difficult tasks and be successful. While it is important to squeeze every last drop of joy and excitement out of your latest venture; it is equally as important to know when it’s time for the party to end. Like all things, life moves in a steady rhythm of peaks and valleys. We need this flow in order to achieve and then to rest. When it is time to move into the next phase, don’t hold on to anything too tightly. Nothing lasts forever, nor is it supposed to.

Shadow Work Questions:
  • How do I feel when I accomplish something big?
  • When something’s time has come to an end, how easy is it for me to move on and embrace what comes next?
  • What does success mean to me and how do I define it?

Deck: Osho Zen Tarot

2 of Wands - Light Seer's Tarot

February 2022 (Two of Wands)

This month’s energy is all about seizing opportunities that are being presented to you. The Universe has acknowledged your plans for the future and it is determined to open doors to assist you in making some much needed progress. You may have previously been sitting in the “idea” phase of the program. But it’s time to get up and start making those dreams a reality. Figure out what steps you need to take, and actively start checking them off your list. This might feel slightly overwhelming at first, as all change and new ventures do. However, the fire energy carried within this suit will move things along so quickly it will make your head spin. While it feels hard to keep up with the speed at which things are happening, it will also prevent you from second guessing yourself and overthinking during the process. By the end of the month, you should be one step closer to achieving what you desire.

Shadow Work Questions:
  • What do I need to do to get out of my comfort zone?
  • What goals and dreams are important to me?
  • What does my ideal future look like?
  • How can I confidently walk through the doors that are opening for me?

Deck: Deck: Light Seer’s Tarot

beyond illusion - osho zen tarot

January 2022 (Beyond Illusion)

You’ll want to ignore all external factors right now and start focusing more on what’s happening within. The outside noise you’re listening to is creating a lot of chaos and false perceptions. Your mind has recently become too caught up in limiting beliefs, outdated habits and unreasonable self-judgments. The clarity you’re hoping for won’t be found in the mess of information that’s swirling around you. What you are looking for is internal. If you desire to tap into this space, start with meditation and practicing active self-awareness. Don’t be afraid to peel back all the layers and dive deep. Eventually you’ll find yourself in your dreamscape which is always free of any doubt and confusion. It is here that you’ll find the perspective you’ve been searching for.

Shadow Work Questions:
  • How does doubt help me change my perspective?
  • How will having more self-awareness help me grow?
  • Where am I getting too caught up in my mind and creating roadblocks that hold me back from reaching my highest potential?

Deck: Osho Zen Tarot