Gemini Monthly Tarotscopes 2023

May 21 - June 21
Air - Mutable - Ruled by Mercury
postponement osho zen tarot

November 2023 (Postponement)

The future can sometimes seem overwhelming and scary. Especially if there are a lot of unknowns or fears about moving forward. The reason many people become stuck is because it’s easier to stay in your comfort zone where you always know exactly what’s going to happen. But this safety zone is typically where you lose sight of your goals and ambitions. And where powerful opportunities can pass you by. There will never be a right time to make a move. There will only be your immediate decision to do so. You will never be any younger than you are today, any more courageous or any more experienced. These things fade as time moves on. The only way to know what happens for real is to put yourself in a situation to find out. Don’t let your mind trick you into thinking you’re better off where you are. It’s only making things worse instead of better. Even though it seems counterintuitive, once you get out of your current space you will feel an immense sense of relief as well as the ability to see how many options you really do have.

Shadow Work Questions:
  • What fears do I have that are holding me back?
  • Am I addressing any personal trauma, anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues that are keeping me stuck in my current holding pattern?
  • What is the worst that can happen if I take a chance on myself?

Deck: Osho Zen Tarot

King of Cups - Light Seer's Tarot

October 2023 (King of Cups)

You are large and in charge right now. And you’re feeling pretty good about it! Specifically in the area of your emotional well-being. In the past, situations may have thrown you off course. Or even caused you to doubt yourself and your abilities. However, you have finally arrived at a place where you feel more comfortable in your own skin. Your emotions no longer run the show. While they can be distracting or even overwhelming, you’ve learned that they are not a reflection of who you are. They are merely a reflection of the situations you are experiencing. Therefore, they are temporary and not permanent. Gaining control over your inner world is something that will allow you to move with more confidence and grace. It will allow you to take on bigger positions then you may have previously considered. And last but not least, you now have the knowledge to guide others through the emotional turmoil they are experiencing. What you do with this newfound gift is up to you.

Shadow Work Questions:
  • What are some examples of times I let my emotions control my thoughts and actions?
  • How do I like to soothe myself when my internal world is activated?
  • How have intense emotions help me in the past?

Deck: Deck: Light Seer’s Tarot

politics - Osho Zen Tarot

September 2023 (Politics)

You’re forcing yourself to play two different roles and it’s starting to feel really difficult. When we look at the energy of politics there is always a duality present. A disconnect between who you are and who you are pretending to be. There’s a particular area in your life right now where you are not expressing yourself authentically. Sometimes this is a necessity due to the nature of the situation. But in this case, you are doing yourself a disservice by not coming to the table as you are. If you continue on this path of dishonesty, you will begin to experience hardships and adversity. While you may think what you’re doing is helpful in the short term, you’re actually setting yourself up for failure if this behavior continues. It might feel impossible to untangle this web you have woven for yourself, but rest assured it is possible. Much like unraveling a sweater, the key is just to pull one string at a time. Eventually you can free yourself from the prison you have created. And being yourself will finally feel good again.

Shadow Work Questions:
  • What is preventing me from showing up authentically?
  • Where is one small area of my life where I can speak my personal truth?
  • How are my actions taking me out of alignment from the direction I want to be heading?

Deck: Osho Zen Tarot

4 of Cups - Light Seer's Tarot

August 2023 (4 of Cups)

Get ready to work for what you want. If you’re feeling frustrated about your current situation it’s time to change your perspective. There is a dissatisfaction, frustration or disappointment about something that’s occurring for you at this time. For some reason you can’t seem to get past this impenetrable wall and into the space where everyone else seems to effortlessly have what you want. Your problem lies within the way you’re looking at the world and the expectations you have developed. It’s time to rewrite both of these things in order to find what you’re searching for. This might not look like the “right” way to make things happen. But if what you’ve been trying so far isn’t working, it’s worth giving this tactic a shot. Start by focusing on three positive things or experiences for every negative one you encounter. Then work on deconstructing your mindset to learn more about how it’s holding you back. And determine what you could enjoy as a result of finding a fresh and new perspective.

Shadow Work Questions:
  • Where in life is my glass half full?
  • How are my expectations creating disappointment?
  • How can I retrain my mind to see positive aspects instead of only looking for evidence that supports my opinions?

Deck: Deck: Light Seer’s Tarot

experiencing - osho zen tarot

July 2023 (Experiencing)

It’s time to start connecting to things without using your cell phone as a crutch. The world we live in is meant to be experienced in real time – without photographic evidence or social media likes. The things Spirit wants you to participate in aren’t anything that can be captured in a tangible way. Figure out how to move through the world without needing attention, validation or acknowledgment for the moments you participate in. When you’re busy worrying about how you appear to others (or what people will think) you lose the ability to sit in the moment and enjoy the experience. The simple and beautiful experience of being alive. The ability to make connections with others and getting to know yourself better in the process. Who you are isn’t a reflection of who other people think you should be. It’s a cumulation of the values you hold and the type of person you choose to embody. The goal isn’t to be liked or acknowledged. It’s to be the most authentic version of yourself everyday no matter who’s watching.

Shadow Work Questions:
  • How can I show up as the most honest version of myself?
  • Why do I need to document things and what do I get out of it?
  • What can I do to disconnect from technology and plug into myself in a more meaningful way?

Deck: Osho Zen Tarot

4 of Wands R - Light Seer's Tarot

June 2023 (4 of Wands R)

If you’ve fallen into a slump or just can’t seem to feel excited about much of anything, know you still have the power to turn this train around. Your despondent mood is a result of being disconnected from your spirit. Somewhere along the line you stopped celebrating life and yourself as much as you should have. Now you’re paying the price. The first thing you need to do is take a look around and see what’s not working. A lack of alignment leads to a lack of harmony. Next, throw your expectations out the window. Open your mind to the possibility that you don’t have all the answers and that’s okay. Then start spending some time with people that make you feel good. Community spirit is always good for getting yourself out of funky places. There’s lots of amazing stuff for you on the horizon. All it takes is a few steps in a new direction!

Shadow Work Questions:
  • What one change can I make today that will help me reset my energy?
  • Am I living my life in alignment with my values?
  • What is one thing I have achieved in the last month that I can celebrate myself for?

Deck: Deck: Light Seer’s Tarot

no-thingness osho zen tarot

May 2023 (No-Thingness)

When you take a good look around, you’ll find that you are and no man’s land. Not having a sense of direction or anything to hold on to can feel scary. Especially when there’s no real way to see how things end or turn out from where you’re standing. You’re being asked to witness a very important moment in your life. But if you get too caught up in where you’re at you’ll miss the peacefulness and calm that currently surrounds you. Remember that nothing is never nothing. It is actually everything. Limitless possibilities, options and potential. In this negative space you can see for miles. In order to dissipate the turmoil in your emotional state it is important to relax into this void. You are currently sitting in the same place the Universe was before everything was created. It’s a serendipitous place to be when you think about all it has been able to bring into being. Take a moment to appreciate about how lucky you are to be in such a similar and amazing space.

Shadow Work Questions:
  • What are some tools I have that will help me manage my emotions?
  • How can not knowing be a good thing?
  • What would I choose to create with unlimited options?

Deck: Osho Zen Tarot

King of Wands - Light Seer's Tarot

April 2023 (King of Wands)

Ready or not, you’re in charge! It’s time to learn how to be a leader in an area you’re already infinitely passionate about. You may not think of yourself in this way. At least not yet! But there are some people who are in need of your exact leadership and organizational style. You are the best suited person for this job because of your unique way of thinking. As well as your ability to communicate more effectively than other people in your position. This may not be a leap you actively make. But one that other people push you into or nominate you for without your express approval. By the time you have the job it’s already too late to turn it down. But you’re so afraid of failing at it that you don’t realize you might actually enjoy it and have a good time. Your comfort zone is not where you are supposed to be right now. As soon as you start leaning in to your new role, you’ll find it was where you were meant to be all along.

Shadow Work Questions:
  • What scares me the most about being in charge?
  • What leadership skills do I bring to the table?
  • What positive or negative strategies have I seen other leaders use that I can apply/avoid in my situation?

Deck: Deck: Light Seer’s Tarot

tuning in osho zen tarot

March 2023 (Tuning In)

Somewhere along the line you started listening to everyone else and stopped hearing your inner voice. Your body is always sending you important messages through your emotions, physical health, thought patterns and reactions. For some reason you have decided other people have a better understanding of what you need than you do. Perhaps as a result of being in too many situations where people have denied your truth. Either way, the time has come for you to tap into your inner wisdom start acknowledging the truths and values that are important to you. Likewise, you are being encouraged to stand up for yourself and ask for what you need. There may be resistance first, but it needs to be pushed though in order for you to get an alignment with who you truly are. Learn to trust yourself and your body. By honoring your needs, your body will trust you to take care of it in return. Making your home (aka: your body) a safe and peaceful place to live.

Shadow Work Questions:
  • How carefully do I listen to the internal messages I’m giving myself?
  • Do I trust myself to make the right decisions? Why or why not?
  • Why my hesitant about putting my foot down and advocating for myself?

Deck: Osho Zen Tarot

King of Pentacles R - Light Seer's Tarot

February 2023 (King of Pentacles R)

Your obsession with material things has left you in a bit of a pickle. You’re so caught up in chasing after something specific that you have adjusted your sails in the wrong direction. When we have a clear goal or purpose that is an alignment with our values, what we visualize finds its way to us with ease. The difficulty you’re experiencing is a result of your priorities being listed in the incorrect order. Spend some time getting to know yourself and figure out what it is you’re really asking for. Your current chasing of financial needs or material indulgences is the top surface fix. The structures that exist underneath this are what is asking to be examined for efficiency and retention at this time. Think foundation and long-term goals as opposed to an immediate influx. What you want is not out of reach as long as you are willing to make some adjustments.

Shadow Work Questions:
  • What are my values and are the choices I’m making an alignment with that?
  • How is chasing short-term goals not helping me in the long run?
  • What is something I can rearrange on the back end that will set me up more consistently in the future?

Deck: Deck: Light Seer’s Tarot

sorrow - osho zen tarot

January 2023 (Sorrow)

A painful experience is about to make you more aware of some intrinsically important information. For you the challenge will be learning how to go beyond the sadness, pain, anxiety, disharmony or loss that you experience. Sometimes people get so stuck in the emotion of a situation that they fail to realize the information that is also being presented at the same time. Please know this transformation is not happening to punish you or make you unhappy. There is an important awareness that you are being asked to bear witness to. Spirit has tried to show you this exact same thing on several other occasions. However, the emotional intensity of each situation was very low. Causing you to inadvertently breeze over what you were meant to see. Examine what possibilities are now present because of the situation you find yourself in. The key to what you’re looking for lies in the negative spaces. Look for what’s not there instead of what is. It’s the absence of something that holds the messages and awareness you need.

Shadow Work Questions:
  • Where can I find the duality in a difficult experience?
  • How are my emotions clouding my perception of what’s really happening?
  • What messages are hidden in the things I can’t see?

Deck: Osho Zen Tarot