How Do You Show Up in the World?

show up

What am I Really Looking at Here?

The way you show up in the world shows other people how you feel about yourself. Now, we all have a bad day from time to time and that’s to be expected. But it’s the consistency of how you are presenting yourself on a day-to-day basis that matters. It’s another important way you can learn to Connect with Yourself.

But why should we even care? Well, the truth is that this one isn’t so much about caring what other people think. Or paying attention to their opinions of you. It has more to do with the kind of behavior that you are willing to accept and also enjoy.

The way you treat yourself is how others will learn to treat you. They will take cues by watching the things you do and by assessing how you take care of yourself. Making mental notes of what things are important to you and which ones don’t seem to be a concern.

If you’re wondering how to show up for yourself in the world, here are some things you can work on:

  • Look in the mirror every day before you leave the house. Are your clothes clean, and stain free? Are there any visible rips, tears or wrinkles? Are you attempting to wear pajama bottoms as actual pants? You can dress however you want, wear no makeup, have a crazy hairdo and still be on point. But have some reverence for yourself as you put your best and most authentic foot forward.
  • Do your actions match your words? Do you do the things you say you’re going to do? When you come off as inconsistent or flaky, people will tend to respond similarly. This is one way others will also judge how dependable you are, as well as how dependable they want to be with you.
  • Are you setting good boundaries? Without them your time and energy can easily get drained. Having good ones means you respect yourself enough to say no when you can’t or don’t want to do something.
  • How do you treat yourself? Do you like massages, flowers, cupcakes, cowboy boots? How do you celebrate a big win in your life or a random Thursday? These are things people look at and try to recreate when they are part of your inner circle. So, if you don’t celebrate your latest accomplishment, they will take your lead and not do anything either.

There are so many other ways you can show up for yourself. But I hope these are enough to get you started.

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