How Does Free Will Affect Tarot Readings?

free will

That’s Not What You Said Would Happen

One of the questions people ask me is why the outcome of a tarot reading can sometimes change in a particular situation. Most of the time, things do unfold the way the tarot predicts. When things go off course it’s usually because of a little concept called free will. If you’re going to read tarot cards, the ability to understand and explain this concept is an extremely important tool. Especially when people ask why what you saw in the cards didn’t happen exactly the way you said it would.

Free will is something all humans have. It is essentially our right to choose what we want to do, when we want to do it. This could be anything from taking a different route home from work, to moving across country, to not visiting with your best friend, to telling a lie. Life is full of choices. Some of them are simpler and less complicated than others. But each choice we make takes us down our current life path.

How it Works

Different choices at different times change or alter the outcome of future situations. Most of the time human beings are hardwired to react a certain way or gravitate towards specific things. This can stem from our personality traits as well as lessons we have come here to learn. Because we typically react to these ingrained behaviors, the cards will pick up on this energy and provide information about where we are headed and what is going on around us.

The next question then becomes: If we react the same way all the time, why do our readings change? They should stay the same right? The answer here is simply free will. Sometimes you go off script and make a different choice that permanently changes your outcome.

For Example

Think about a time you were driving home from work. Typically you’re on auto pilot and will go same way to your house every time. But there are moments we are at a stoplight and wonder if we should keep navigating the same direction or take a more scenic drive for a change. In this exact moment of choice and contemplation you are exercising your free will. One way might have less traffic while another might put you in the path of fender bender. The point is that different things are happening along each route. While you cannot control anything that is occurring, you still have the free will to decide which way you want to go.

Other times the change of course has absolutely nothing to do with you. Another person who is attached to the situation can go off course all by themselves. This alters their connection and role in the timeline, which in turn has an effect on the outcome that was originally predicted. So sometimes even if you do everything right, you can still experience that wildcard element.

Why It’s Important

These changes (however big or small) can all reshape the outcome of a reading. This is why free will is an important concept to understand and consider when you are working with the tarot. And one you should be well versed in just in case someone is upset about something not working out the way they expected or wanted.

The concept of free will can also be helpful if someone sees an event or an outcome that they aren’t too excited about. While we usually react a specific way to things, it doesn’t mean we have to respond in this manner. It can be difficult to change learned behaviors, but it’s not impossible. If an outburst of anger is going to cause you to lose an important relationship, you can manage your feelings and choose a different response. It might feel difficult to remain calm in the moment, but it is entirely possible.

As you can see, free will is a versatile concept that can assist you in many different areas of your craft. It helps your clients manage their expectations and understand how the tarot works. Free will can also inspire people. It gives them hope that they are not stuck or resigned to any situation in life. Particularly one that they don’t see as enjoyable or fun. With that being said, there are still times when we have important life lessons to learn. But feeling like you have a choice or say usually makes you feel a whole lot better about it.

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