How to Incorporate Magick into a Muggle Thanksgiving


Being the Odd Witch Out

Thanksgiving is a time of family, togetherness and gratitude. As someone who is spiritual, I like to use my magick to infuse blessings and healing vibes into whatever celebration or event I’m at. However it is important to remember that not everyone operates from this same place. Many times we have to watch what we say and do because not everyone is open minded about certain concepts and ideas. And it creates a separation that is more evident around the holidays. And as a magickal person, being alone in a roomful of Muggles can feel pretty isolating at times. Especially if you haven’t come out of the broom closet yet.

I personally do things much differently on my own or with my more magickal friends. I am aware that who I am and what I do makes some people uncomfortable. And I feel no need to force my beliefs on anyone else to prove a point. So at Muggle gatherings, I’m witchy but on the down low. Know that if you are in the same boat, there are still some undercover things you can do to add some positive spirituality into this holiday. The good news is that there is one really easy and simple way to bring your personal practice into this holiday without offending anyone or making them uncomfortable. Ask to set the table! That’s right. Set the table.

Setting a Magickal Thanksgiving Table

Setting the table for Thanksgiving is so much more than laying out a few dishes so that everyone can eat. Its a symbolic act of kindness that one person does for another to make a meal easy and enjoyable. In addition to that, each item has a special job that you can make use of in order to bring some magick and good energy to the dinner table. I’ve listed some suggestions for you below, but feel free to alter them or infuse your own blessings as you wish.


As you set each plate down, infuse it with a general blessing of good will. If there is a set seating arrangement then you have the option to tailor it specifically to the person who will be eating off of that plate. If you would like to create a positive affirmation or mantra for the meal, you can also recite it as you place each plate.


When you place the silverware down, ask that it nourish and feed someones body, mind, heart and spirit. You can ask that it bless each bite of food it picks up and brings the diner joy and happiness.


With each glass you set on the table, set the intention that the liquid that fills it will allow the person who drinks it to flow easily through life. No matter what twists, turns and challenges arise.


When placing each napkin down, do so with the energy that the person who touches it will always be protected and safe from harm. That someone will always be there watching out for them, even if they are unaware of it.

In Closing

The thing I like the most about this idea is that you don’t have to be a seriously magickal being in order to do it. It works well for people who are just venturing into the waters of spirituality. Or even people who are into energy and positive vibes.

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