How to Keep Cool This Summer – Naturally

Keep Cool

What to do when things get hot…

Whatever neck of the woods you live in, summers are usually hot. And not all of us have the benefit of air conditioning in our homes. Last year it was record breaking heat and humidity in the coastal town where I live. Everyone was melting. So how do you keep cool?

With my fans not doing much more than moving around the hot air, it was time to take some action. I used my herbs and the food at the local co-op to help beat the heat and take the edge off my ever rising body temperature. In case you find yourself in summer heat that just won’t go away or cool down at night, try some of these suggestions. Learn how to keep cool this summer – naturally!

Mint Tea

Mint is widely known as a cooling herb that makes a fantastic iced tea. On a hot day, mix the mint tea with a berry tea of your choice. Start by steaming the water, let the herbs seep for 15 minutes and then pour over ice. This gives you a refreshing beverage that not only tastes good, but will help keep your body temperature down. Peppermint is also a great way to re-energize when the summer heat starts to wear you out.

Lemongrass & Ginger Tea

Lemongrass will take your body temperature down in high heat situations. Ginger, while not internally cooling, does make you sweat which in turn helps cool your body down in a different way. I like to make mine with fresh lemongrass from my garden and fresh ginger from the store. Make it as a hot tea to seep the herbs and then cool in the refrigerator before drinking. If you make a big batch you can share with your friends.

Coconut water

First of all, this one just tastes good. Coconut water cools your body temperature and helps quench thirst. Some other beneficial aspects are that it contains electrolytes, brings oxygen to your cells and helps balance your PH levels. Buy it in a container or treat yourself to the whole coconut in its original form. Just make a hole in the top and stick in a straw to enjoy all its tropical goodness. Beach and hammock not included.


This refreshing fruit is made up of 90% water to help keep you hydrated and cool. This cooling effect comes into play when the high water content helps your blood to thin, which in turn allows your body to release some of the heat it is holding. This is one of my favorites on an overly warm day.


These babies are another food that has a high water content that will keep you cool. Not to mention it contains vitamin B, phosphorus, calcium and zinc. Try a making a cucumber salad to beat the summer heat or throw some slices in water for a revitalizing drink.


Add this dynamic herb to your food or tea for a smooth cooling effect. Not only is this herb anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, it is also a great antioxidant. In addition it has the unique benefit of cooling you down in the heat of summer and warming you up when you’re cold in the winter. Add to coffee, oatmeal or veggies for some extra cooling power.

*As always please check with your doctor before starting any new herbal regimen. These statements and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. If you have a health concern or condition, consult a physician. Always consult a medical doctor before modifying your diet, using any new product, drug, supplement, or doing any new exercises.

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