How to Use Magick to Heal from Trauma

healing trauma with magick

You Deserve to Heal

At one point or another we have all gone through some kind of trauma. While some of us may have had bigger and scarier issues than others, using magick to heal trauma might be something you want to consider.  Especially if you’re more in tune with this type of healing. The thing I like most about magick and healing is that it allows you to have some sort of power or say so in what is happening around you. And when you are a trauma survivor, this is something that is really important.

Here’s where you should start:

Connect to your body

The first thing you will want to do is connect with your body and get grounded. Experiencing a trauma will disconnect us from our Spirit. So reforming and strengthening that connection is always beneficial. A great way to do this is by being really in touch with your body and maintaining a consistent grounding practice. Make sure you are checking in, even though your first instinct might be to disassociate and check out.

Go get some Energy Work

Getting energy work done to make sure everything is flowing properly can be really helpful. If you are experiencing trauma then you may have more issues and cleansing work to do than you can handle on your own. At least at first. Asking for a helping hand to get started until you can take over on your own is a great way to go.  Gaps, dead flow areas and other people’s residual energy can make your healing process more difficult. Regular self-cleansing should definitely be on your magickal healing list!

Consider Soul Retrieval

Soul retrieval is another area for healing magick. The theory here is that when we go through traumatic events, a piece of our soul (aka: life force) goes away. It is a coping mechanism that occurs in order to survive what is happening to us. A skilled practitioner will work to reunite you with all the pieces of your soul that have gone missing over not just this one event, but throughout your entire life. Its purpose is to return your life force back to you in its entirety so that you can feel whole again.

Use the Tarot

Tarot is another magickal tool you can use for healing trauma. The cards can give insight as to why things happened and how to heal. You can even check in daily to see what the best thing you can be doing for yourself is. Tarot cards can be extremely insightful and intuitive, showing us areas we may have missed or need to pay attention to. Use them to gain insight into the trauma and understand how to move past it.

Create Magickal Workings & Spells
trauma heal

If you would like to use actual magick or spells as part of the healing process, this is also a great option. There are many different things you can do depending on the kind of trauma you are working on. For general purposes I would start with healing and releasing spells. And I would suggest creating them yourself so they can be specifically tailored to your situation or the particular issue you are dealing with. Remember, your goal with magickal trauma healing is not to punish someone else, but to heal yourself.  If you want to move past some of the heavy emotions you are dealing with, you will need to process and release them.

Trying to heal form any sort of trauma can feel overwhelming and heavy. Using magick to create energetic healing can be difficult, but highly beneficial. However please remember that not all traumas are resolved from these types of healing alone. If you are having issues from anything you have experience, I encourage you to consider some professional counseling to help you sort through things.

Whatever you’ve gong through, your still here and you’re still doing it. So please keep working it out. You’re doing a great job!

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