I Think I Have Psychic Abilities – What Should I Do?

psychic abilities

Welcome to Your Spiritual Awakening!

There comes a time when you can no longer ignore the fact that strange things are happening and there is a good chance you have psychic abilities. The next nagging question becomes trying to figure out what you have and how you can use it. to benefit yourself and others.  Unfortunately it’s not as easy as putting on the sorting hat at Hogwarts and having it tell you where you belong. It takes time, patience and effort to find out what you are truly meant to do in the Spiritual arena.

For those of us who start experiencing strange things without knowledgeable people around to  help support us, life can be anywhere from scary to confusing.  It’s hard to make sense of strange premonitions, ghostly figures, hearing voices, knowing things we couldn’t possibly know or any other phenomenon that others cannot see.  In the Muggle World we are seen as people who are eccentric, weird, crazy or possibly in the beginning stages of a mental disease. When the truth of the matter is that we are simply spiritual beings experiencing our awakening.

Finding out the purpose of your psychic abilities is the first question everyone has, but it’s the last thing you should be focused on. Your niche isn’t necessarily something that you will immediately find.  It’s more of an evolution process that naturally occurs. Your main priority needs to be learning everything you can about what you are drawn to or experiencing. Because this is what will ultimately show you the potential your abilities will have over time.  It’s basically the difference between going to buy a bag of potato chips verses learning how to make the chips before you actually eat them. It’s the process here that’s the most important part of the ride.

So what do you do if you’re serious about finding your gift?

Study, Study, Study!

Knowledge is power. Make yourself dangerous. There are so many things to learn, especially in each area. Don’t forget that in addition to learning about the subject, you also need to know the rules and how to operate appropriately so that you do not cause any chain reactions or unintended consequences. Seeking out psychic exercises specific to your abilities is also tremendously helpful! It will train you to control your abilities and actually use them with purpose instead of feeling like you’re being attacked by them all the time.

Make friends in the community.

Making friends in the Spiritual community is really important. First and foremost these are people who will help you learn and grow. They can offer you guidance when you feel lost. And most importantly, you will have friends to bounce your weird experiences off of.

Spend some time in the areas that interest you.

Don’t waste time on things that don’t pique your interest. Learn what is FUN! Not what you feel like you “should” be learning. If a topic seems like too much or you feel overwhelmed, shelf it for another time. The Universe will usually keep you on the right track by putting you in front of what you need to know.

Learn protection techniques and boundaries.

A vitally important aspect of Spirituality is learning protection methods. When you open the Spiritual door everything has the ability to come in. Know how to protect yourself and your space so you don’t get flooded with too much energy or an overabundance of Spirits trying to get your attention.

Know the types of psychic gifts people can have.

There are a lot of ways to intuit information from spirit. In addition to different types of psychic abilities, you will also have a variety of divination methods to choose from. Some people read tarot cards, runes, palms, oracle cards, tea leaves or scry for information. Others may fall into psychic mediumship or simply use their psychic abilities to download information on the spot. See what’s out there, and how it matches up to skill sets you have or are developing.

Make it your own.

Figure out how to use your gift uniquely. There are many different tarot readers out there. If this is your gift, what about it is unique and specific to you? Some readers can give you specific time-lines, names, etc. Others are more of an overall intuitive that will help you make sense of things. Some readers are funny, some are serious and some seem a little far out there. Tailor it to your personality and people will appreciate the authentic and powerful experience you can provide.

Trust Yourself!

This is a piece of advice a lot of us wish we had when we first started. As a beginner, when you experience new and strange things, your first thought is “this isn’t happening” or “this can’t be right”. That’s just your old preconditioned thought process rearing its ugly head. Listen to your intuition, pay attention to how you feel, and remember that your first instinct is usually the correct one. So many newbies have a hard time advancing at the speed they’d like because they wrestle with this concept.

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our  senses to grow sharper.”
― W.B. Yeats

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