Upright Meaning

  • The right mixture of ingredients
  • Balance
  • Receiving just rewards
  • Truth/Fairness

Reversed Meaning

  • Injustice
  • Dishonest dealings
  • Unbalanced

I do the right thing even when it is hard.

Justice Overview

The Justice Card is one of fairness, balance and equality. It can also represent dealings within a legal system. In this card the sword in the right hand has two edges, showing us that there are two sides to everything. In the left hand a set of scales are represented, showing us the balance of logic and intuition in all situations. The crown adorning the head of Justice is square and solid, leading us to consider the value of well-organized thoughts. Additionally this card can symbolize having the right ingredients.

Questions for You to Meditate On

How do I handle unfair or unjust situations? 

What can I do to see both sides of a situation more accurately?

Where am I feeling unbalanced?