Knight of Cups​

Knight of Cups

Upright Meaning

  • Messages
  • Proposition
  • An invitation
  • Sensual delights

Reversed Meaning

  • Untruthful
  • Beware of propositions

I am romantic and sensual.

Knight of Cups Overview

The Knight of Cups is also a bearer of messages. Because he is located in the suite of cups, these messages can deal with love, emotions or affections. Unlike the other knights in the deck, he is moving forward with calm and ease. There is no need to rush. You will also notice that this particular card has a lot of white in it. This can represent purity, innocence or even something as basic as symbolizing the eternal White Knight in shining armor. If this card appears reversed, be cautious. Things might not be represented as they actually are.

Questions for You to Meditate On

Am I open to accepting invitations from others?

How do I respond to romance and sensual pleasures?

How can I check into offers to make sure everything is on the up and up?