Love Spells: What You Need to Know

love spells

What you need to know

Love spells are probably one of the most widely searched spells out there.  I believe this is because relationships can be difficult to navigate.  Everyone is different and has needs that can either stay the same or change as we go through life. So how easy and great would it be to be able to do a spell to fix whatever our current issue seems to be? However you may want to think twice before deciding to invoke this kind of magic. Let me tell you why.

Over the last decade I have seen people do love spells. Mostly to keep or get the person they want. The main reason I abstain from performing these spells, or giving advice on them is simple. Free will. We all have it. It’s the right to choose our destiny. Our own path in life. That includes what we do, where we live and who we choose to be in a relationship with.

So what happens if we can’t choose? Well, I don’t know about you, but I believe I have the right to make my own choices and I would be very upset if someone made that choice for me. Especially when it comes to a person I will be spending that much time with. This is someone I have to trust, that is supposed to be taking care of me and that has my best interests at heart. See where I’m going here?

Before you perform a love spell, consider these possibilities:

First, it may just flat out not work.

Don’t be upset by this. The universe probably did you a solid and you should just be grateful. Often times when we get off course the Universe will step in to intervene and make sure we stay on track. So if the spell does not work it is likely that someone upstairs is helping you out. Sometimes not getting what you want actually can be a stroke of good luck, even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time.

You can end up with the person you wanted to be with.

This doesn’t sound bad right? But realize that in the cosmic scope of things, if you were not supposed to be together, the relationship will most likely always have issues and be a little tumultuous.

Also think about what happens if you have “locked in” a person that was meant for someone else. Take that into consideration for a moment. Because of your actions, two people who were supposed to be together will never meet. And that perfect person the universe picked out for you? Yeah, they won’t find you either.

Is your love really true?

My final concern with love spells is that yes, they can and do work. But somewhere down the line you may find yourself wondering about your partner. Do they love you because they love you? Or is it because you made them? Personally this is something I would ever want to question, nor is it a position I would want to find myself in. At first it may not seem like a big deal, but over time these are questions that tend to sneak into your minds.

If you are constantly trying to undermine the universe with spells and magic to force a person into the hole or space you have created, you will continue to have issues.  You can bake a cake with salt instead of sugar, but the cake probably won’t taste that good.

Proper Spell-working

Now there are some people who do cast love spells, in a way that does not necessarily impose on one’s free will. They work by either increasing an attraction that already exists, or by helping to manifest the type of partner you want without being specific about the individual themselves. If you would like to go ahead with a love spell, these are the type I would suggest. But proceed with caution and use your best judgment as to the type of spell you perform and exactly what you are asking the universe to do for you.

If you aren’t into spells or simply feel uncomfortable doing love magic, there’s another way to do things. Simply be open to what the universe has to offer and ask for what you want. I suggest having a list of the 10 most important traits that you are looking for in a partner. Then make a list of 3-5 of your deal breakers. These are what you absolutely cannot and will not accept. This way the universe knows what you’re looking for and who to send you.  When you meet someone new, get out your lists and see how they compare.

You can invite love into your life in any way that you choose. Just be sure you know what you’re asking for before you set the spells in motion. Good luck, and may the love  you seek already be on its way to you.

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