Mercury Retrograde – August 2023

Mercury Retrograde 2023

Mercury Retrograde is with us again from August 23rd – September 14th in the earth sign of Virgo. While many people dislike this transit, I think it provides a lot of opportunities for personal self-growth if we’re able to get past all the discombobulation it throws at us. 

In order to help you guys make the most of this shift, I have designed a custom reading especially for you! It goes over some key areas you can focus on to make some positive changes in your life.

Influences: This category deals with energies that you need to be paying attention to that may have previously escaped your attention. It references things that are asking to be dealt with or addressed. During this time you may notice certain patterns, behaviors or reminders from your past that resurface so you can work through them and come out of this transit a stronger and more self-aware individual.

Shadow Work: This section is calling out an area where you need to dig deeper and do some inner work. Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start, so this card draw is all about using this transit to focus your energy in the right direction. Doing introspective work can be hard and a little scary. It’s called our shadow for a reason! However, discarding parts of ourselves because we have had a bad experience or are worried about how others will see us is never the right way to go. Try to be honest with yourself when doing this type of work, even when it’s hard. And remember to exercise curiosity and compassion when working on yourself.

Healing: We all have pieces of ourselves that are in need of healing, whether we’re aware of it or not. This section is all about pointing out areas in our lives that are ready for a change. Or places you need to let go or release so that you can move forward in a more powerful way. Unfortunately healing can feel like you’re baptizing a cat sometimes. But the only way out is through.

Here’s what came up in the cards for everyone during this transit! I’ve also included some questions you can meditate on or journal about to help you find some clarity within each area. 


You are being challenged to grow on a personal level during this particular retrograde. However, at the same time, there is some form of internal resistance that is present for you in this process. Knowing what you have to go through seems daunting on a conscious or subconscious level. So you’re not sure you’re willing to put in the work that is going to be required of you. During this time try to be mindful of areas where you are sabotaging yourself. Good things are coming if you can figure out how to get out of your own way.

    • Where is my resistance coming from and why?
    • What previous experiences have colored my view of personal growth?
    • How am I taking action in ways that is preventing me from getting where I actually want to go?
    • What happens if I get what I want, and is that fear on some level encouraging me to self-sabotage?

I lean into my resistance and remain curious about it.

Shadow Work

Your connection to yourself is key right now. If you’ve been feeling out of sorts recently and aren’t sure why, try to spend some time connecting with Source Energy on a deeper level. There is an element of your body that needs to be grounded. Not just within the material world, but the spiritual plane as well. When our internal source of power is weak or disconnected, it makes it harder to reach out into the Universe for guidance, clarity and inspiration. Make sure you take the time to get yourself in alignment during this transit.

    • Have I been consistent in my spiritual practice recently? Why or why not?
    • What grounding techniques are most useful to me and how can I incorporate that on a more regular basis?
    • How can tapping into a higher power help me understand more about my current situation?
    • What type of guidance do I need and what answers would be the most helpful to have?

I am divinely connected to all things.


Work on peeling back the layers of what’s going on to find the root cause. In order to create life you want you’ll need to take a hard look at why you keep putting off what needs to be done. Procrastinating is keeping you from moving forward in vital areas. And it’s stemming from more than a lack of motivation or commitment. When you start exploring the layers of this “postponement” energy that is in your space, you’ll make an amazing discovery that will heal a part of you that has been suffering for quite some time.

  • What issues do I need to review with a more introspective attitude?
  • How can finding the underlying cause help me understand what’s driving my behavior?
  • Can my procrastination be traced back to a difficult or traumatic situation from my past?
  • Where in my life is this procrastination mentality negatively impacting me and what steps can I take to change it?

When I can look inward with compassion, true healing begins.

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