Mercury Retrograde on Halloween: A Collision Course

Mercury Retrograde on Halloween

Bracing for Impact

Mercury Retrograde on Halloween is the talk of October this year. As you know, Mercury Retrograde is a pesky little transit that occurs three times each year for roughly 21 days each time. Its name alone incites panic and stress. Mainly because this retrograde causes disruptions with communicates and travel, which honestly is like 90% of your day. It affects several other areas as well, but these are the ones that are usually most notable.

On top of this, our last Mercury Retrograde of the year will start on October 31st which is Halloween. Now if you aren’t well versed in this witchy Sabbat, let me give you some insight onto why people are losing their minds over this one. Halloween (Samhain for my witches) is a holiday of death and divination. A time when the veil between the world of the dead and the world of the living is at its thinnest. Thus allowing for easy crossover between these two realms. It’s a massive energy shift, and one that I can feel every year. Add to that energy, the discombobulation of Mercury Retrograde and you have a recipe for possible impending doom. Especially if you’re sensitive to planetary or energy shifts.

But before you start packing your bug out bag and heading for the hills, both of these events can actually be beneficial and life changing in a positive way. As long as you know how to work with them properly. And it’s unfortunate that so many people get caught up in the negativity of it all. By nature they look at the bad stuff first. Which explains why Mercury Retrograde has so many negative connotations.

How Each Event Affects Us

This year’s Mercury Retrograde falls in the sign of Scorpio, and will be with us until it goes direct on November 20th. What you need to focus on during this time is one of the lesser talked about aspects of this transit; which is the slow down period it provides. This means that life becomes less hectic. It’s almost like being in a holding pattern. The reason for this is to give us time and space to take stock of our lives and see if we are happy with where we are going. And if we are not, this brief pause gives us time to readjust our sails and plot a new course.

With the veil between both worlds dropping on Halloween, you have the opportunity and good fortune to really tap into Spirit in a powerful way. The answers you’re looking for will be easier to find. Especially if you are in tune with any one of your spiritual gifts. If you’re not this advanced yet I would highly recommend spending some time meditating on the areas where you could use some clarification. If you do any type of ancestor work, the 31st is the perfect time to access this energy and ask for their assistance.

How can you get the most out of this Mercury Retrograde on Halloween combination?

This crossover of energy is all about showing you the areas of your life where you either lack control or are being restricted in some way. Keep in mind that these restrictions can be external or internal! You are ignoring things you need to be paying attention to in order to create what you want in your life. This year Halloween allows you the insight to see where these areas are. And the slowdown of Mercury will give you the space to deal with it.

Keep in mind that this colliding of energies will feel very intense. Particularly with the Rx in Scorpio, which we know can amplify the sting that comes with this sign. So far this is set to be the most emotionally intense Mercury transit of the year. With Mercury retrograde on Halloween you can expect to have lessons mirrored back to you. Possibly in more of a jarring manner than you are used to. While this can be challenging, try to remember it’s not about how the information we need comes to us. It’s how we use it to reflect on ourselves and create the positive changes we desire.