Mind Your Beeswax Sigil

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The holidays! You either love them or hate them. For some of us, this time of year can be particularly difficult when we have to interact with family members we don’t always like or get along with. So, in case there’s not enough wine available to do the trick, I’ve been inspired to come up with this fun symbol that will get everyone off your back.

Mind Your Beeswax

This will help deflect all the annoying personal questions you don’t want to answer about why you’re still single, when you’re having a baby, how your divorce is going, why your kid got suspended from school or the reason you’re not getting promoted at work. Because lets’ be honest; There are a lot of other interesting things to talk about over dinner.

If you’re mentally bracing yourself for the holidays, I’ve made a copy of this sigil available for FREE in the link abovelp. Print it out and place it in your pocket, under the placemats at holiday dinners, inside your shoes, draw it on your skin or use it for some nifty candle magick ahead of big gatherings.