Mirror Gazing: Connecting with the Dead

mirror gazing

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

With Halloween approaching, many of us find ourselves getting into the holiday spirit. Some of us put up decorations inside and outside our homes. Some of us are hard at work on our costumes and getting ready for the trick or treaters.  And then there are some of us who just can’t help trying to find the ghosts, ghouls and things that go bump in the night.

There are many reasons someone may decide to tap into the spirit world. We have all lost people we’ve loved. So of course it would be nice to contact them again, say hello, and make sure that they are doing ok on the other side. Then there are people who are simply curious about life after death. And this is one method they can use to research their theories.  Last but not least we have the people who treat this as game or a fun activity to see what they can find out, or if it really works. This last group is where problems can arise because they lack understanding and knowledge of what exactly it is that they are doing.

Recently I’ve seen a lot of articles pop up about “mirror gazing’. This is where you look into a mirror in the dark and call people on the other side to come and speak with you. This form of contact has actually been around for a long time. Many would liken it to the game of “Bloody Mary” when we were children.  I have never really liked this game much, but let me explain why…

If your doorbell rings and you aren’t expecting anyone, what do you do? Do you walk over and open it without a second thought? Or do you flip on the porch light, check the peephole and see who it is before deciding if you should open the door? The truth is anyone could be standing there. The pizza delivery guy, a serial killer or your mom with some freshly baked cookies.  If you think about the situation in this way, how do you change your response to hearing the doorbell? The following analogy is exactly what you are doing when you choose to open a door to the spirit world. Anyone could be on the other side so it is important to know what you are doing.

What’s the right way to Mirror Gaze?

Set up a protective circle or space.

Whenever I do any spiritual work where I might encounter different energies besides my own, I protect myself by setting up a sacred space or a protective circle. This can be done a number of different ways depending on your practice or what you feel comfortable with. Basically the main thing you need to do is set up an energetic boundary (like a front door) that will give you a protective barrier against whatever might be flying around.

Casting a protective circle can be done with words or intentions as well as physical objects. It’s up to you what feels most comfortable.  Personally I call the four corners and their elements. I ask them to form a protective circle around me to keep any and all negative energy out, and let only love and light in. If you want a more tangible boundary you can create a circle using salt, crystals, stones or whatever feels right for you.

Ask for someone specifically

It’s best if you have an idea of who you want to speak with specifically and for what purpose before you go ahead with mirror gazing. Otherwise you have no idea who you’re going to contact and that could be good or bad depending on what shows up. If I want to contact someone I’m very specific when I ask to speak to them. Full name, and perhaps some details about them just to make sure.

For example: I wish to speak only with my grandmother Rose Smith, from Lincoln Nebraska. You can take this even further if you like, but you get the point. Another way to go is to have items present that belonged to the deceased. They will most likely still carry their vibrational energy, which their spirit on the other side will resonate with.

Know how to protect yourself

What happens if things go sideways during a mirror gaze? Maybe you didn’t follow the rules, or maybe something extra made its way through. Either way you find yourself needing some help. First off, it might be a little scary. But you will need to push through this emotion to protect yourself and your space. The good news is that there are many easy ways to do this.

One thing you can do is sage the space where you were working. This will clean it out and reset the energy. You can also call upon your guides or angels to assist you. If you do not know how to do this, Archangel Michael is powerful and easy to call in for protection. In a pinch you can visually surround yourself with a protective circle of white light, which is quick and doesn’t require any additional tools. Last but not least, reach for your crystals. There are a variety of them that help buffer you from psychic attacks. My favorite one for this is my black tourmaline. I’ve found it to be very effective.

If done properly, mirror gazing can be helpful, insightful and bring some peace or clarity to your life. If you want to try this technique out but are feeling unsure, please contact someone who is well versed to assist you with it until you feel more comfortable working on your own.

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