Pisces Tarotscope

Pisces Monthly Tarotscopes 2024

February 19 - March 20
Water - Mutable -Ruled by Neptune

February 2024 (Six of Wands)

You’re hoping for some recognition on a job well done. Having your efforts validated and celebrated by others helps you feel confident in your abilities. What you have recently accomplished is a big deal. So, it makes sense that you want a little credit for your effort. Some people might see this as extravagant or bragging. But that’s only because they haven’t learned how important it is to acknowledge big moments. If you’re feeling uncomfortable about all the attention that’s in your space, know that it’s well deserved and you earned every bit of it. Sometimes when the spotlight hits us, our imposter syndrome kicks in and we might feel uncomfortable being the center of attention. Either way it’s important to mark your latest accomplishment with as much fanfare as you like. Being able to remember this moment will set you up for future success. Next time you feel nervous or unprepared about a new venture, this example will prove you have everything it takes to make it happen.

Shadow Work Questions: 
  • How do I feel about being the center of attention?
  • In what ways do I like to celebrate my wins?
  • What benefits do I gain from having others acknowledge my success and hard work?

The Light Seer’s Tarot

6 of Wands - Light Seer's Tarot
clinging to the past - osho zen tarot

January 2024 (Clinging to the Past)

Congratulations my little fish! You’re finally ready to let all that baggage go. This might seem difficult at first since you’ve gotten so used to carrying it all this time. But this release will free you in more ways than you could possibly imagine. Moving things out of your life, mind, body or emotional space is imperative in order to draw new and better things towards you. You’ve been given this gift as a reward for the lessons you’ve learned from your past experiences. As well as receiving the permission from yourself to finally let things go. It might feel weird for a little bit until those empty spaces fill in, and that’s ok. Try not to go back to your old habits because it feels more comfortable than where you currently find yourself at. Transitional spaces can often feel a little bumpy. But remind yourself that you’re experiencing is only temporary. Plenty of good things are up ahead. And you can still take the memories with you, but you no longer have to carry the drama and difficult emotions they come with.

Shadow Work Questions: 
  • Why is it hard for me to walk away from situations I know are bad for me?
  • What are three red flags to look for that will help me identify people or situations I should avoid?
  • What important lessons have I learned from this experience?

Osho Zen Tarot