My Kid Sees Spirits – And is Afraid to Sleep

seeing spirits

Protection Methods for Kids Bedrooms

When you’re seeing spirits as a kid, lets be honest, its scary. And you typically don’t have the knowledge you need to understand what’s’ happening. Or the tools to try and protect yourself. As a parent, it can be equally hard to watch your child go through this experience, especially if you’re not sure what to do.

Kids are fresh off of the other side so they see spirits easier than us. They are closely tied to this energy because they have just come from the same place. The older we get, the more people tell us seeing spirits is simply our childhood imagination running wild. Or that what we see is just a bad dream. When in most cases this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Who Are These Spirits Anyway?

I would like to say that sometimes spirits are just curious visitors. Since children have the capacity to see them much easier than adults, sometimes these are the individuals they will gravitate towards. The spirit a child sees could be a relative who has passed away. Or perhaps someone they don’t already know who is just looking to connect. Other times it may be a former inhabitant of the house or apartment. And in some instances, it might just be a stray who is trying to get a message to someone who is still on the earthly plane. If your child is seeing spirits, its a good idea to get curious and start asking some questions about what it is that they see.

I would be lying if I said that everything that goes bump in the night is peaceful. For the most part, they usually are harmless. But on the rare occasion you can get an entity who is mentally attacking you. It could also be attempting to get you do hurt yourself or others. And in the extreme cases, may be moving things in the room. If this is the type of experience you are having, you can still try the suggestions I have for you below. But consider asking a seasoned spiritual practioner for some assistance if you don’t think you can handle it on your own. Two wands are better than one.

Other Things to Consider

If your child is having this experience, there is a good chance that they may be in the process of developing their spiritual gifts. I would assess the situation to determine if this is the case. If so, you may want to consider sharing some things about the spiritual realm with them so they understand what’s happening. If you have similar gifts yourself, it might be helpful for you to share anything that helps you deal with this effectively. I realize that some children will be too young and do not need to be overwhelmed by excess information. But if this is a situation that continues over long periods of time, getting some training and guidance may not be a bad idea. That way, as they get older, your child will be able to comprehend what’s going on and know what to do about it so he/she feels more comfortable.

When it comes to kids seeing spirits or things that scare them at night, it’s my opinion they would benefit from being able to feel like they have some control in this situation. As you and I both know, seeing a spirit when you aren’t prepared (and even when you are) is really scary sometimes! But having tools, and knowing that you have some control over what’s happening can be very helpful. Involving your child in some of these choices might help them feel more empowered and less afraid. Knowing you can do something about what’s happening to you makes a difference.

Let’s go over some things you can try.

Crystal Grid:

Crystals have energy and they are something that kids tend to like. Try creating a crystal grid around your child’s bed using protective stones like as black tourmaline, amethyst, or clear quartz. This can create a shield of positive energy and protection for them. Just be sure to cleanse them regularly because they will pick up negative energy over time. And once they are full, they will stop working for you.

You may also want to pick out a protective crystal for your son/daughter to keep under his pillow or hold when they get scared. I gave some to my nephew who was having a difficult time sleeping as well. He loved them and said they helped. You can also instruct them to hold a crystal up to their third eye to block any energy that’s trying to get in. This is something I do myself and it has been quite effective.

Sacred Symbols:

Symbols are a great way to protect or ward a room if you’re seeing spirits. You can use whichever one’s you resonate with, like, or use in your practice. Personally, I frequently use a banishing pentagram, a triceps or a protection bindrune which help to ward off negative energies. They can be drawn on the walls, ceiling, windowsills, or frames, on doors or in the closet. You can also draw them on a piece of paper to place between the mattresses, in a pillowcase or even under the bed or a rug. If you want to draw symbols directly on your kid like a fun “tattoo” that’s also an option. For any parents wanting to go the extra mile, you could even have a nightshirt made with the symbol on the front like Superman.

Setting Up an Exit Plan:

This is something I do myself when my space feels crowed at night or has too many visitors. I set up what I like to call an “exit station” in my minds eye. For example: In the winter I visualize a table outside my front door that is set up with hot chocolate in red mugs. And it has a coat rack next to it full of red coats, mittens, scarves, etc.

Once that’s done, I kindly let everyone in my space know that they don’t have to go home but they can’t stay here. I firmly communicate that this is my home and I need this space now for me. And then I ask them politely to go, and go with love. Then I direct them toward the table of hot chocolate and clothes outside that will keep them warm and filled with love on their journey to wherever they go next. Red for me, symbolizes love. Which is why I made sure everything I left for them included this color.  Sometimes it’s as simple as owning your space and asking them to leave it. This visualization can be tweaked in whatever way you want, so have fun personalizing it as you wish!

Protective Charms:

Giving your child a protective charm to wear or keep under their pillow is another option you have. So is using a piece of jewelry you specifically charge it with protective energies. If you’re up for it, you could also make a simple sachet filled with protective herbs like lavender & rosemary. Some people also like to add Mugwort to this mix. But personally, I feel like this herb is really spiritually opening and a little too strong. Even though many other practioners seem to like it. It’s up to you on where you stand with adding some Mugwort in. Lavender and Rosemary tend to be calming and more mellow. So, both of these are usually a good bet.

White Light Protection:

White light is purifying and serves as a protective shield against any negative energies or spirits. Which is why it’s something a lot of practioners use to protect their homes. It can be used for a single room or to encompass the entire house. This can be done together with your child before bed as a guided mediation. This way they will have a tool in their skill set to use whether you are there or not. If you prefer, this is definitely something you can do for them on your own.

The best thing to do is visualize a white light making an impenetrable and tall fence around your property, a dome-like bubble over your home, or wrapping itself around your house tightly like saran wrap. You could even have a bucket of white light and visualize yourself painting it on the walls if that sounds more fun. Let your intuition guide you into setting up the protective light barrier in a way that feels good to you. Just make sure you infuse this visualization with your power and specific intentions for its use. Otherwise, you’re only throwing light up without giving it any direction or job.

Angel Invocation:

I’m not normally a religious person. But when stuff goes dark and I’m dealing with any negative spirits, I always call out to Archangel Michael for assistance. He is known as the bringer of light and a protector against darkness. By invoking him, your son/daughter will be surrounded by divine light and shielded from any negative energies or spirits. If your child is seeing spirits, they can simply say aloud or silently, ‘Archangel Michael, please surround me with your light and protect me from anything that does not serve my highest good.’ It doesn’t have to be fancy. If you call on him, he will show up.

Call Your Ancestors:

If you do any ancestor work or connect with any member of your family that has passed, ask them to help you out. You can do this by reaching out to them during a meditation or through an ancestor altar. Family takes care of family. Calling on people you are connected with on the other side is definitely an option you have available.

As you can see there are a lot of different options and tools to choose from if you are seeing spirits. I always encourage people to trust their intuition and gravitate towards the methods they feel most drawn to. I hope this helps your little one’s sleep better and conquer their fear of the other side.