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Ouija boards

Spirit Commmunication

Back in the day before we had Ouija boards, we had psychics and mediums that connected to the dead using tables or a form of spirit writing to relay messages from a world beyond our own.  Today we use the more modern Ouija board whose name comes from a combination of the word “yes” in French and German. We’ve all played at these at one point or another. And we’ve all had different experiences with it. But what I have found universally is that there is some misconception on how it should be used and whether or not this is safe.

Using an Ouija board or talking to spirits in whatever form you choose can come with an element of danger. Especially if you have no experience and no one explains the rules about how energy moves between this side and the other side of the veil. It’s nothing to be scared of but it does need to be done properly for your own protection and safety.

As with any form of magick or divination, you never know what you’re going to get unless you lay down your boundaries and expectations before you begin. It’s the same concept as welcoming people into your home. You will most likely be ok with friends and family whose energy is kind and loving. But not so much with thieves, con-artists, vagabonds and anyone else who isn’t on the up and up.

Rules & Regulations

If you want to use a Ouija board or communicate with spirits, you first need to decide whom you will be allowing into your “house” or your energetic space.

Rule #1 – Set up boundaries

When I set up my spirit board the first thing I do is create a sacred space by casting a circle, which is a traditional part of Wiccan rituals. I do this by calling in the corners (East, South, West & North) and asking them for their guidance and protection.  I also have two Archangels that I call on to guard the floor and the ceiling of my space, making it secure from all ends.

If this seems a bit overwhelming, you can go a simpler route of stating your intentions firmly about who you will or will not speak to. But be mindful of the fact that the Universe has a unique and specific way of interpreting things. So you must be careful how you word your intentions in order to get exactly what you want.  Be sure that you are grounded and centered before you begin.

Rule #2 – Ask for protection

After I have cast my circle, I call out to Spirit and let it know that I will only allow love, light and positive energy in my circle. I’m also clear that no negative or harmful energy in any form will be permitted to pass.  And I ask for Spirit to protect me and keep me safe while I work.

Rule #3 – Ask to speak to someone specific

Unfortunately you cannot always control who comes through to speak with you. If you were hoping to speak with a particular person, guide or angel, feel free to ask if they will come and assist you. It’s not a guarantee that they will show up, so please don’t be disappointed if you don’t hear from them. I have found that Spirit sends us what we most need, which is often times not necessarily in line with what we most want.

Rule #4 – Do not communicate with negative spirits or energies

If you have properly set up your circle and correctly stated your intentions then you shouldn’t have problems with unwanted energies. But what happens if your calculations are off somewhere and you find yourself in contact with an energy that doesn’t feel good to you?  You close up shop and politely ask it to leave.  Take control of the planchette and immediately swipe it over the good-bye on your board and end the session. Be sure to clear yourself and cleanse your space immediately to ensure the energy does not linger.

When to say good-bye immediately

  • If you feel threatened in any way
  • You feel the energy in the room shift or if you become uncomfortable
  • If the planchette starts moving in a figure 8 pattern
  • If the planchette counts down through the numbers or letters
Rule #5 – Proper use

You can use a board alone if you like. But most people will recommend that you have at least one other person present as this is the way it was designed to be used. The more individuals you have, the more energy there is to reach out and connect with spirits.  One or two people should be in charge of the planchette and everyone else should try to stay quiet while they are working. It also helps to have one person be the group secretary to record the questions being asked and the answers being given by the board.

When you are finished make sure you thank the spirit you have connected with for taking the time and energy to communicate with you today. Make it official by running your planchette over the “good-bye” emblem on the board to close the session.  This is especially important if the spirit you are speaking with has a mischievous streak and wants to keep to hanging out on a technicality that you did not officially close the session.

Rule #6 – Take Precautions
  • Please do not treat the board like a game or a joke. You are dealing with very serious energies that can be harmful if you are not careful.
  • Do not get belligerent with spirits as it can cause a bad reaction.
  • Know what questions to refrain from asking. There are lists everywhere online.
  • Never burn your board.
  • Store the planchette and board separately if you are having issues with the board.
  • Never leave the planchette on the board during a session or when not in use. You don’t want a rouge spirit to use it against you while you take a bathroom break.
  • Make sure you are in a good frame of mind or emotional state. If someone is depressed, angry, intoxicated, sick, tired, etc. it can draw lower energies to you.
  • Don’t get too attached to your board. Remember the connection goes both ways. Frequent use gives spirits easy access to your person and you don’t them to become easily attached to you.
  • Avoid using the Ouija board in your home. If things go south then you could have a negative spirit stuck there that does not want to leave.
  • Avoid using a board in highly charged areas. This includes cemeteries, haunted sites, former psychiatric facilities, or other places along these lines. If the place feels creepy or too intense you should leave.
Alternate Options

I used a Ouija board once in 7th grade. It was a trip! And quite frankly a little scary. Unfortunately I did not have the wherewithal that I have now to properly set up a safe space or even know what I was actually dealing with. The spirit we spoke with was a little unsettling but did correctly answer the test questions we asked. It was also able to accurately predict the name of the first person I had a serious relationship with over 6 years later. So you can say what you want, but I’m definitely a believer.

These days I stick more to my tarot cards or I work with my guides and angels to help me if I need information from the other side. But I do have a spirit board that I pull out from time to time. It’s a lighter fluffier version of the Ouija board and it simply feels better to me. It’s a crisp white board filled with colorful and cheery images as well as the traditional numbers and letters of a standard Ouija board. The planchette is a small circle emblazoned with a beautiful gold design and the whole thing feels right. It’s worked very well for me in the past and I keep it on hand for special divination occasions.

While the Ouija board is the most common spirit board, please know that there are other options available. And it is important to find one that feels safe and good to you. Armed with the proper knowledge, these boards can be fun and very helpful. Please use them respectably and in good taste.

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