Where the Hell is He?! – Finding the Right Match


Is your dating life giving you a headache?

Are you looking for the right guy, but all you seem to find are a bunch of boys who don’t measure up? If you’re feeling these vibes then you’re probably sitting there wondering, “Where the hell is he?!” already? My 33 page introspective guide is exactly what you need to find the kind of person you’ve been looking for. Learn more about why you’re having problems, figure out what roadblocks are in your path and how to accurately assess guys to find the man who’s willing to step up for you. Finding your best match isn’t easy. But it’s definitely worth it!


Take your dating game to the next level

Where the Hell is He?! Lets face it, dating is hard. And it hasn’t gotten easier as time and technology have gone on. There are so many options and dating sites that it makes your head spin. Not to mention all sorts of new and exhausting behavior like ghosting, orbiting and paperclipping to deal with. So what’s a girl to do?

This guide was written as a way to help you navigate the dating world. But with a more knowledgeable and a practical mindset. It’s designed to break your current thought patterns which have led you to believe that you can’t have what you want in a relationship. I’m here to remind you that you don’t have to settle. You just need to change your approach and adjust your boundaries. Part of this process also involves taking an introspective look into who we are, and how our lives have shaped us into the person we are today. Looking at where we’ve been shows us how to get where we want to go. This way you can finally stop asking yourself, where the hell is he already?!

You Inspire Me

I was inspired to do a dating guide because of my clients. I read tarot for a lot of beautiful, intelligent, sassy and fun women who are having problems trying to find the right match. “Where the hell is he?!” has been uttered with sheer frustration more times than I can count. I recognized that if my clients were all having similar issues, a lot of other people probably are too. The common threads I noticed, as well as consistent advice the tarot cards gave me across different sessions, was something I used to inspire the creation of this guide. I also have thrown in a splash of spiritual guidance and personal experience to round out the content. I believe if we can make some changes to our behavior patterns and be open to personal self-growth, we can find the man we’ve been searching for.