A Witch’s Grimoire – Volume 1


A Complete Magickal Guide

This 80 page e-book has everything you need in one convenient place. Herbs, spells, astrology, moon cycles & more! The Witch’s Grimoire is the foundation everyone needs to start their magickal journey. For those already on their way, this is also a handy reference guide for your library.

When I set out to create A Witch’s Grimoire I thought I would end up with a standard size 26 page book. It would cover the basics for people who were just starting out on their Spiritual or witchy journey. Boy was I wrong! The further along I got in the creation process, the more I realized there was a lot of additional information that I needed to include.

My goal for this project was to put everything together in one place that I wish I’d had when I first started out. A handy reference guide where all of my foundational information lived. Much of the content in A Witch’s Grimoire are things that I use on a consistent basis. Even as a more seasoned witch. So, whether you are new to The Craft or an old Crone, there’s something here for you.


When you don’t have a lot of experience it’s easy to get sidetracked in different subject areas. Or to be confused as to what type of information is important. Especially when you’re excited to be connecting with The Craft and realizing you’ve found something that finally resonates with you. My hope is that this guide will help you connect with your magick in a powerful way. And that it will help you to create spells and charms to manifest the things you most desire.

By the time I finished writing this Grimoire, I realized that there were other things I wanted to share at a more advanced level. Which is why I labeled this guide Volume I. While I do have many other irons in the fire, I will be revisiting this Grimoire in the future. I want to create more magick for you to enjoy! In the meantime, I hope you have fun with what I have for you so far.