Psychic Scam Artists: How to Find the Real Deal

psychic scams

Psychic scams are no joke.

As hard as it is to believe that people can actually do this to another person, psychic scam artists do exist. And it creates a problem in this industry for those who genuinely want or need some help. Fortunately there are many psychics out there that are actually the real deal.

Life in general is filled with many moments where we feel lost, confused, stuck and heartbroken. For those of us who are open to working through these problems and asking for help in a different way, there are psychics and intuitive readers out there who can help guide us when we are in times of need. If you are new to this practice and don’t have a trusted psychic or tarot reader, the question becomes, “Who do you trust?”

As a professional tarot card reader and energy worker I see clients or speak with people from time to time who have had a less than positive experience with psychics. Sometimes it’s just a really terrible reading. Sometimes it’s a psychic with some skills trying to take advantage of people.  In order to help guide you towards someone who can actually help you instead of someone who is going to try and take your money and your sanity, here are some helpful tips when looking for a qualified psychic.

Stay away from storefront psychic shops.

You know the ones. They have “psychic” signs plastered all over them and over sized tarot cards on display. Many of these are not out to simply trade a reading for a set hourly fee. If they look like they are, make sure they meet the other requirements below before getting involved. Make sure there are no additional fees or hidden prices. And that the fee does not increase incrementally on each visit. If you want to check out readers, hit up a psychic fair at a metaphysical bookshop or a spiritual community gathering. There are a lot of excellent psychics out there that will meet you at a coffee shop, your home or a neutral place.

You are not cursed!

Anyone who says you are, and then offers to fix it for a money is full of it. Leave immediately. This is one of the most common psychic scams. They may tell you that demons will attack you, that the curse is making you ill, your home is jinxed: whatever it takes to scare you. These type of people usually do have a genuine gift, but unfortunately they use their talents for a means to their own ends. Not to help others. A true and honest psychic will have set fees for specific time frames. They will also divine information for you that you request or that Spirit wants you to know.  This is usually through cards, runes, palmistry, channeling, spirit guides, etc.

Personally, if I get a sense that someone may have some heavy energy hanging onto them or in their space (which can happen, and is not necessarily a “curse’) I will make several suggestions. One is that they might benefit from an energy healing to reset the balance. Or I will give them the information they need to cleanse themselves at home, if they wish. A good psychic will want to empower people to be able to control their own lives and their own destiny. Not take that power away.

Do not accept gifts from a psychic.

This is a way for them to form a connection to you. They may give you a scented bath, ask you to burn a candle so they can better help you with your problems or give you a statue or other item to keep in your home. This is a big no no! Many times what they are attempting to do is create a direct line into your energy. Their goal is to use this against you to control you or convince you that what they are saying is true. All of this in an attempt to get more money. Be careful what you accept!

Never give a psychic a direct line.

If you have walked into a shop and received a reading, you are under no obligation to give the reader your phone number so they can “check in” continuously. This is part of their psychic scams to be in constant contact with you. They should of course, offer you their phone number for appointments or any additional questions you may have after the reading. I would also advise against giving them anything personal of yours to keep after the session ends, including trinkets or any type of photos of you or other people.  This is another way they can tap into you anytime that they want. I have done energy work on people this has happened to, and I have had to remove some very nasty attachments. Don’t give anyone a direct line!

Now there are times that a trustworthy psychic may ask for a personal item such as a ring, or your keys to do a psychometry reading. (Reading the energy off of an object.) This is fine, and they will hand it back to you as soon as they are finished. But make sure you feel comfortable with them first before handing things over.

Keep an eye on your body.

After a reading from a psychic who is attempting to take advantage of you, there may be some changes in your emotional or physical health. I know this sounds a little far-fetched. But these things can be manipulated with the right intention and know how by someone who is running psychic scams.  Just think of how you feel when walking into the room after an argument. You can almost feel the disruptive energy in the air. This will be a similar experience if someone is attempting to take advantage of you or pull a psychic scam. And it is possible for this to continue for weeks after the appointment. Protect yourself. Protect your space.

A well trained psychic will leave you walking away from them feeling better than when you arrived. Even if they didn’t give you all the answers you wanted to hear. At the very least, you most likely got the messages you needed and have some clarity and peace moving forward.

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