Pyromancy: Divine the Future with Fire


Burn Baby, Burn!

Pyromancy is a very old form of divination by fire. It is a method of interpreting information from a candle by the actions of the flame or by the way it burns. Fire is an element that has been around for a very long time. It was a vital part of older civilizations, so it makes perfect sense that it would be incorporated into them as a standard divination method. Over time pyromancy has developed and become more intricate, evolving into the practice it is today.

Divination by fire isn’t a method that you hear talked about that often. But it is interesting to note that during the Renaissance, there was a resurgence of occult studies and ceremonial magic. At this period in time, Renaissance Magic considered pyromancy to be one of the seven “forbidden arts.” Mainly because they thought demons were being called upon to assist, or provide information through this illicit technique. Although, as we know today, this is not necessarily the case.

I personally use pyromancy all the time in my practice. And I don’t associate it with anything negative or bad. I see it more so as helpful information coming directly from spirit in order to help me make sense of a situation, or enlighten me as to what is to come in the future.  I work with fire a lot and candle magick is one of my main go to methods for divination, protection, healing or forecasting.

While I use a lot of candles for my work, I have to say that none of them every really seem to respond in the exact same way. Even two identical candles I have purchased at the same store at the same time. However, many people will try to explain candle behavior away with reasoning: Like new candles burn faster or a long wick makes a higher flame. But even with all of these logical explanations,  unexplained things are happen when you forecast this way.

Below is a list of some possible situations that may come up as you are working with pyromancy. I hope it is helpful and that you have fun exploring this form of divination.

Fast Burning

If the candle burns quickly it means your magick is strong and powerful.

Slow Burning

Your magick is working, but a little slower. Your spell requires time and patience in order to manifest what you want.

Candle Won’t Light

This is probably a spell you shouldn’t be doing. Spirit is reviewing your intentions behind this spell or request. therefore, you might have to do a little more work before you can make this particular request. In addition, what you are asking for right now is not what you actually need. Another explanation is that this manifestation could end up doing more harm than good, and you are being stopped for everyone’s protection.

Flame Goes Out

If your flame disappears it is a clear sign that this spell is unnecessary. In this case, the outcome is already determined. You cannot change or interrupt the future course of events.

Tall Flame

This means your magick is working well. You will be able to get the results you want from your spell.

Short/Weak Flame

This means the magick in the candle is weak and the energy isn’t as focused as it could be. In addition, the small flame could suggest that the timing is off. Or that you are asking for something too big, or that will put you in a bad position. Either way, you’re not ready, or your energy isn’t strong enough right now. Take some time to rethink your strategy and weigh your options. You might need to look at this from a different angle.

Flickering Flame 

If your flame flickers, there is definitely some resistance in the spell. If you are trying to get someone to do something, or trying to create a specific outcome, there is a definite push back to your will.

Soot on Glass

When  soot is present on the candle glass it signifies that negative energy is being cleared. If the whole candle burns with black soot you may want to burn another candle until it looks clear. There is heavy energy around you that needs to be removed. If the candle is dark at the top but lighter at the bottom as it burns down, that means the energy has been cleared out.

Popping Noises

These sounds are all about communication. If your candle makes a hissing or sputtering noise, this is an indication that your ancestors are attempting to send you a message. Tap in and connect to see if you can get more information.

Glass Breaking

This means that the candle is absorbing a large amount of negative energy and there are forces at work against you. When the glass shatters its a sign that the candle has taken the hit for you and is trying to keep you safe. If you are working a spell against someone else (which I personally don’t recommend) the breaking glass could signal that the spell is being redirected back onto you.

“Witchcraft is about taking the raw, beautiful, and powerful forces of our world and using them to create change.” 
― Tonya A. Brown

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