Seashell Divination – A Mermaid’s Best Friend

seashell divination

Harness the Power of the Ocean

The ocean is something I have been fascinated with since I was a small child. That’s probably why I’m a self-proclaimed mermaid. I’m still feeling the watery vibes and the strong pull of the ocean’s currents. If it’s warm enough there’s nothing better than a salty swim in the breaking waves.  And the mystery of the vast ocean and its unknown depths call not only to me, but to many other mer-men and mer-ladies as well.

As a practitioner of magick, I know that there are many tools available which to help you focus your power. Many people like more traditional items such as candles, runes, wands or pendulums. But the sea has its own special kind of power. Especially for those who feel innately connected with her.  It houses a whole new group of incredible spirit animals for us to work with. The water itself is powerful with its cleansing sea salt and constantly moving currents.  And last but not least, it provides us with beautiful and unique shells that we can use in our spiritual work.

Why seashells have energy

Seashells are an everyday component of the ocean’s powerful life force. They hold and collect not only energy but emotions. This is true for any shell whether it is whole or in pieces. A broken shell or a small bowl of shell pieces still has power to share. If you wear them on you during trying or emotional times, the shells will absorb and hold the excess energy for you. And if you choose to work spiritually with them, they will activate your sensitivity and intuition.  They also help us to express who we are and make us aware of any areas that we need to focus on or even heal.

Why you should use seashells for magick

Each shell was created by an individual animal at one time for a home. It starts out small and grows larger, becoming part of its exoskeleton.  Like other beings, each creature has its own intuition and consciousness that becomes infused in the shell in which it lived. And even after it’s gone that animal’s energy and information still remains inside of it. So when you do readings or practice divination with seashells, they are imparting with you the wisdom of their previous homeowners as well as their experience in the ocean.

Seashell Readings

If you want a seashell divination reading there are many different ways this can be done. If you want to try it for yourself, you will want to start with a collection of seashells. You can purchase these from a store, they can be gifted, traded or collected on the beach. When gathering a collection it is important to pick shells that you feel connected to, that are beautiful to your eye or that speak to you in some way. Pay special attention to the universe as it will often guide you to your shells or leave one in your path.

Step by step:

Make sure any shells you use have been cleansed and are ready to go before starting your seashell divination. This can be done by bathing them in salt water or setting them in sand overnight. If you prefer, you can also clear these in sage, moonlight or any other method that traditionally applies for cleansing crystals.

1) Set your intention! Before you start any reading it is important to let the shells know what question you would like answered. If you want accurate information it is important to direct the energy with clarity so that it can provide the specific information you seek. Detailed questions are best if you want a helpful response.

2) Pick your shells! I would suggest a number from 3-12. This can be done a variety of ways. You can choose a few shells that hit your eye or speak to you from a larger collection. You can pick shells out of a bag without looking. Or you may have a handful of shells that you throw down and read after they fall. For a simple beginner spread choose three shells that will symbolize the past, present and future in your reading.

3) Lay them out! If you are choosing or picking shells, lay them out in a pattern or organize them in a way that feels good to you. How this is done can give you additional insight into your reading.

4) Divine your information! Now comes the fun part…divining messages and information from the shells you’ve picked. If you can’t intuitively connect with a shell by reaching out with your mind’s eye, there are other things you can try. Touch or hold each shell and see if it has any messages for you. What do you think of or feel when you look at it? Does the shell represent something to you? Do you get any impressions or signs? Or maybe even hold it up to your ear and simply listen for any wisdom it has to share. What sort of pattern are they laid out in? Is it organized or chaotic? All of these things can provide you more detailed information on the question or situation at hand.

Divination in any form takes practice. So if you try this once and find yourself struggling please don’t give up. If you experience difficulties I would recommend a few things to you in order to help you along. Meditate and ground first before doing a reading. You should always energetically be in a good space before working on yourself or others.  And a regular practice will help develop your intuition and keep you in tune naturally with spirit. Before you do a seashell divination reading, create a dictionary of sorts for each shell. Assign it a meaning according to how it feels or look to you. Use this cheat sheet to help guide you as you interpret your reading.  And last but not least, don’t be afraid to ask for help if you feel stuck. Sometimes it’s beneficial to get advice from someone who is intuitive and well versed in many different types of divination. You can see how they work and process information to collect some extra tips and tricks to put under your belt.

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