The Best Way to Change Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs

How Your Mind Works

Start with the list I made earlier in this article. For each topic, ask yourself what your current beliefs are about that topic. Write them down so you can see them in all their glory. If there are other areas you struggle with don’t be afraid to add them to the list.

Since we’re going to be working more with the 3 Connections from here on out, I thought the topic of limiting beliefs was an important one to discuss. Having a good Connection with Yourself is more than just getting in touch with your body and how it feels. It also includes how your mind is processing information and driving your decision-making process. 

The first thing we’ll need to do is go over what limiting beliefs are so we can all be on the same page. Limiting beliefs are a set idea we have about a particular thing we believe is true, even though it might not be. Common areas where we have limiting beliefs include: Our self-worth, money, behaviors, sex, physical abilities and mindsets. One example of this would be: You need to have a college degree in order to be successful. (I’m sure there’s a lot of millionaires out there that would disagree.)

When we believe something is true, our mind creates rules and limits around this belief that guide our decision-making process. But what if our brain is more focused on keeping us safe instead of making us happy? Sometimes this is exactly what’s holding us back from creating a fulfilling and successful life. But why would our mind do this to us? And how do we fix it?

How it Started

Way back in the old days our brains were wired for survival. You needed to fit in and go along with the status quo in order to be accepted by the group. If you didn’t – you were left to fend for yourself and probably died. It’s the safety in numbers philosophy that’s inherently ingrained. But as the world advanced, our minds didn’t keep up. Which is why they are still resisting the concept of thinking outside the box and doing unconventional things to create more happiness.

Our whole lives we have been told that things have to be a certain way. Additionally, we have created our own unique beliefs based off of our individual life experiences. And let’s not even get started on all the things in our childhood experience that have created bad patterns or limiting beliefs that many of us are still trying to outgrow. It’s a literal mind-field of broken programing. But the good news is that programing can be rewritten and updated to fit more modern processing standards. And this is exactly what we’re going to do today!

Identifying Limiting Beliefs.

Next, we need to see if these beliefs are actually true or if this is just a story we’ve been telling ourselves for a long time. Don’t be afraid to challenge your mind! Things change over time. How the world functions can differ as we move into the future. And you can change too! Which means that what you liked and wanted 10 years ago could be completely different from the needs you have today. How have your beliefs held up over time? Do you think they can be updated or revised to better suit you?

If the answer is “yes!” then it’s time to get to work. I’ve laid out some ideas for you below that will help you start to untangle your mind.

Ways to Reset Limiting Beliefs

1) Talk with a Trusted friend or Mentor

When you’re stuck in your head and feeling really stressed it can be challenging to see more than one option. That’s why having a chat with someone you trust that knows you well can help you navigate through those limiting beliefs that leave you stuck. Don’t be afraid to reach out and see things from someone else’s perspective.

2) Rewrite Your Truths

Many times in life what we believe is actually a result of our conditioning, and not a hard fast truth. That means you can retrain your brain of what you believe to be true. Our thoughts are constantly creating our reality. So, if you don’t like yours it’s within your power to change it. Something I like to do is write down all of my limiting beliefs that pertain to the current situation on a piece of paper. When I’m done, I rewrite them in a more positive manner. For example:

I can’t mediate no matter how hard I try.

The truth is I can mediate, but it will take time to become better at it.

3) Look for Opportunities Instead of Excuses

A lot of times we make excuses when we don’t want to do something. But sometimes we sincerely believe that we can’t do it and avoid admitting our shortcomings any way that we can. Instead of making excuses as to why something won’t work, start to look for loopholes or “what if’s” instead. As soon as you can see a new option or available space in which to move, our brain shifts into a more hopeful and positive space. The options might not be perfect, but any step in the right direction is a good one.

4) Get Moving

When our mind gets fixated on something it can create tension and stress in your body. One way to get out of this stagnant energy is to get yourself moving. Even if you’re not big on exercise a simple walk around the block will do. You can also go outside and soak in the grounding and relaxing vibes of mother nature to help your body reset.  

5) Deep Breathing

Did you know that most humans normally breathe way to fast and too often? This is caused by the high amounts of stress we have in our lives and the environments we live in. When you do deep breathing exercises it slows down your body and your mind. It gives you time to relax, think and put yourself in an energetic state that makes it easier to tap into your higher consciousness. For two minutes inhale for a 4 count, hold your breath for a 4 count, and breathe out for a four count. This will help you downshift into a place where you can think more clearly and figure out new avenues of movement and opportunity.

6) Consult a Spirit Guide

Spirit always knows! This is one of the easiest things to do but somehow the hardest to remember. Being able to tap into the Universe or work specifically with a guide, angel or source energy can streamline the removal of our blocks. Don’t forget to reach out when you need it. Spirit’s always listening.

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