Snow Magick for Winter Witches

snow magick

Let it Snow!

Winter is such a magickal time of the year! The air is crisp and snow falls and covers the earth like a blanket of diamonds. And just like the change in seasons, this change in weather brings us new opportunities to create seasonal magick. Just like the other elements mother nature creates: her snow can be a powerful ingredient to use in spell work during these long and cold months. Snow represents water energy. And as we know, water connects us to our emotions as well as our intuition. Any magick that coincides with these energies can be amplified by incorporating snow into your workings. 

As always, whenever you collect ingredients from nature, it’s always good to ask permission first. Especially if it’s something you plan on taking with you and not leaving in the immediate area. This is as simple as taking a meditative moment to connect and check in with what you need and see if it is agreeable to helping you, as well as being moved or taken.

How to Use It:

Ritual Baths

A super easy way to incorporate snow magick into your regular practice is to make it part of a ritual bath. Simply add some snow to the bathwater (along with any other ingredients) in order to cleanse and protect your energy.

Cleansing Tools

Bury your tools in the snow for several days and let the sparkly goddess energy of the flakes cleanse and protect your equipment. Just remember not to do this with anything that is water soluble for obvious reasons.


In spells you can use the element of snow to stop the forward flow of energy by placing it in the freezer. Think of it as a winter binding spell!

Manifesting Spells

Create a snowball in your hands. While you are working it into shape, concentrate on the type of energy you are interested in manifesting. Or on something you are trying to bring into your life. Hold onto it and visualize it happening. Throw the snowball against something in order to release this energy into the universe.

Healing Magick

Melt snow naturally and infuse it with any type of energy you wish. (Healing, cleansing, protection) Add any herbs, oils or crystals you feel it needs. Place it in a small spray bottle and use as needed.

Releasing Spells

To release negative emotions pack them all into a snowball and throw it as far and as hard as you can! This is a simple and easy releasing ritual.

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