Spirit Guides 101 – Forming Connections

Spirit Guides

It’s Nice to Meet You!

Spirit Guides are something that everyone on this earth has. And we usually have more than a few. But not everyone knows how to connect with them. It’s a lot easier than people might think, but you do have to do a little work up front.

First let’s talk about what a Spirit Guide actually is. Guides are helpers that we get, who assist us with a variety of issues. Some help us with basic life advice. Others stand guard over us and keep us safe. And there are also those that help us with spiritual work such as energy healing or divination.  In addition to Spirit Guides we also have Spirit Animals, but that’s a discussion for another day.

Spirit Guides come in any form.

Guides can come to you in many forms. My first piece of advice is to not have any expectations or set ideas of who you want to have as a guide. You are assigned what you need, not who you are hoping to get.  A lot of people have high hopes for a Native American as their Spirit Guide. And while many of us may get one, that’s not always the case. I remember waiting for my first guide to arrive. I was hoping for something exotic and totally spiritual. What I got instead was a 30 year old guy with blond floppy hair in a beat up red flannel shirt. Needless to say I was slightly disappointed. But after getting to know him better, I realized he was the exact person that I needed.  Remember to be open!

(If your guide appears to you in any way as someone who has injuries or wounds, this is not a guide. Also guides will never ask you to do anything to harm yourself or someone else.)

You have more than one Spirit Guide.

Life is tricky. You’ll go through a lot of different situations and be a lot of different things during your time on earth. Since Spirit Guides are not always a one size fits all t-shirt, you should expect to have more than one.  You will most likely have one that is there for you throughout your entire life path, but other ones will flow in and out as needed.  When I started doing my energy healing work, I had a new guide come in to help me specifically for this purpose.  He usually hangs out only when I’m doing my healings or if I need healing myself.

Over time, and as you become more experienced you will slowly meet more of these divine helpers.  You can expect many of them to stay once they arrive, but remember that some of them are gifted for more brief areas of time. It’s always sad to see one go, but you have to trust that they are only leaving because you can handle it on your own from here on out.

How do you find your Spirit Guide?

The million dollar question everyone has is “who is my Spirit Guide?” or “how do I find them?” Most of the time our Spirit Guides only arrive when you are ready to receive them. This can be frustrating if you’re in a space where you really want to know.  The easiest way to meet your guide is through meditation. This is why I always tell people it’s important to develop a regular practice. This is the easiest way for start forming connections to the other side. Spend time developing your visualization techniques and quieting your mind to receive information from Spirit.

What do you do when your Spirit Guide actually shows up?

When you meet your guide for the first time, I would give you a few pieces of advice. Before doing anything else, you should pause for a moment to take them in. Study what they are wearing, notice what they look like and how they make you feel as you gaze upon them. The next thing you should do is introduce yourself and ask for their name.  Other helpful questions are: Why are you here? What do I need help with? What should I be working on right now? Any other questions you have about them, or about your life are also perfectly acceptable. The more you communicate with them and form a bond, the more easily you will be able to reach them as needed, with or without a meditation.

Before I sign off, I thought I would leave you with a basic meditation outline for meeting your guide. If you are skilled enough to navigate through a mediation on your own, feel free to do so. If it feels overwhelming to you, there are many “meet a guide” guided meditations on line for you to choose from. If you  find yourself having issues connecting or with your guides in general, you can read about common problems people encounter.

Getting to know your Spirit Guide:

Practice exercise:

  • Sit in a quiet place and prepare to meditate.
  • Close your eyes and do some deep breathing to relax.
  • In your mind’s eye, picture yourself in your favorite place.
  • Take a few moments to look at your surroundings and settle in.
  • When you feel ready, ask for your guide to come and join you.
  • Watch who shows up, see how they feel to you, and ask lots of questions.
  • Before they leave make sure you always thank them for coming to meet you.

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