Taurus Monthly Tarotscopes 2023

April 20 - May 20
Earth - Fixed - Ruled by Venus
9 of Wands - Light Seer's Tarot

February 2023 (9 of Wands)

I don’t know how bad you want it – but we’re about to find out! The energy around you is pushing you to your limits. And for a good reason! This is a test from the Universal Broadcasting System to see how far you’re willing to go to get what you want. The work you have put in thus far has been overwhelming but imperative. You are now in the home stretch and starting to lose your muster. Mental fortitude is something that we all need to develop in order to help navigate through life’s many challenges. This helps us when we are tired, frustrated or feeling like we want to throw in the towel. Unfortunately, this space is what makes or breaks most ventures. Too many people quit right before the big payout because continuing on feels like too much. You yourself are now at the same crossroads. Choose your next move carefully.

Shadow Work Questions:
  • How will walking away right now serve me?
  • What can I do to rest and take care of myself so I am capable of finishing what I started?
  • What messages am I telling myself about what’s happening and are they positive or negative in nature?

Deck: Deck: Light Seer’s Tarot

the dream osho zen tarot

January 2023 (The Dream)

Fantasizing about a situation has caused you to lose sight of what is actually happening around you. Our mind often creates fantastic and beautiful stories. Especially around our wants, hopes and desires. Lately you have become more attached to the false situation then the reality of your life. If something is making you unhappy it’s best to address it directly. Instead, you’ve been checking out in order to spend more time in your thoughts. Normally giving ourselves a break to indulge in our fantasies can be helpful and even healthy. However, you are at the point where you are spending too much time in your mind instead of in your physical body. This has caused your reality to become unmanageable. Leaving you with a feeling of hopelessness or disappointment. You can no longer hide out in LaLa Land. At least not without things continuing to get worse. Take control by focusing on one small thing you can change every day. In order to get back on track you’ll have to do the work. But if you do it the right way your reality can start to look like the dreams you visit so constantly in your mind.

Shadow Work Questions:
  • What is something I can do to check in when my mind wants to check out?
  • What parts of my dreams or fantasies can I actually bring into my everyday life?
  • How are the decisions I make bringing me into or out of alignment?

Deck: Osho Zen Tarot