The Art of Breaking Curses

breaking a curse

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Curses, shrouded in centuries of mysticism and lore, have long captured the human imagination. Often associated with dark magick, curses can cast a shadow over one’s life, leaving a trail of bad luck and other misfortunes. Understanding the nature of these bonds and the power they hold is the first step on the path to breaking free from their grip.

What is it and How Does it Impact You?

A curse, at its core, is a form of concentrated negative energy, fueled by the intent of the caster. Whether born from a place of resentment, an old grudge, or a physical ritual, curses are designed to bring harm, chaos, or misfortune into the life of the targeted individual. They can manifest in myriad ways, from a persistent streak of bad luck to sudden health issues or unexplained emotional turmoil. The impact of a curse is deeply personal, often affecting not only one’s physical and emotional well-being but also their relationships, finances, and overall quality of life. It’s like a shadow that refuses to dissipate, casting doubt and discomfort on the recipient.

If you want to know more about the types of curses or what signs to look out for, click here.

Breaking the Curse

The most important piece of information you can have in this situation is how to reverse what’s been done to you in order to get out from under someone else’s imposed will. No matter what kind of magick has been worked against you, there is one common denominator. And that is that each curse will each have formed an energetic cord that is now attached to you. Your goal should be to break this cord to remove the curse. So what are some ways we can do this?

Cord Cutting

Everyone picks up cords and energetic attachments as we move through life. They typically come from people we are close with or interact with on a frequent basis. Some cords are good because they let us know when people we care about are in trouble or need a little extra love. And some cords have a more manipulative or darker energy to them.

An ex-boyfriend in a nasty breakup may unintentionally send his emotions to your through the cord that was previously formed. So, it is important to check in and do regular cord cuttings. This is imperative for you to do if you believe you have been cursed. I have done clearing work for people before and seen some nasty cords dug in deep for the sole purpose of manipulating them. To find out more about the cord cutting process you can get some more information here.

Ritual Baths

Water is a very healing and cleansing element. It removes negative energy from your physical and energetic body. By adding herbs, essential oils and other ingredients to your bath, you can specifically tailor it for a hex removal. A common combination is rue, hyssop and salt. But any ingredients that are protective and cleansing will work just as well for you. Keep in mind that ritual baths are not a one-time deal. They are usually repeated 3, 5 or 7 days in a row to make sure the energy is cleared.

Create a Protective Poppet, Amulet or Decoy

This method of curse removal is basically an energy redirect. You are commissioning another object to act in your image and absorb the hit of the curse so you don’t have to. If you make a poppet, please be sure to dispose of it properly when you’re finished with it. It should be taken somewhere off site and buried or burned. You may want to consider a ritual release of its attachment to you as well. Don’t forget to include something in this working that ensures any further energy will be sent directly back to its source. Meaning the practitioner who sent it to you in the first place.

Binding Spells

Binding spells should always be used as a last resort. Most people are quick to jump into a binding spell for normal human trials and tribulations in life. Usually, to avoid dealing with or moving through uncomfortable situations. Please make sure that you have exhausted all other options and assessed your situation properly before proceeding. A binding spell will prevent an individual from throwing shade or moving against you in any ways that might be harmful to you. This is not done as a punishment, but as a protective magickal spell. Be advised that working this type of magick will cause a brief but condensed explosion of this person’s energy. This is normal because they are feeling the block you have put up and can no longer move against you as they please. It causes frustration and will manifest as a flare up as the binding officially settles in place.

Egg Cleanse

The egg cleanse is one of my favorite methods to remove unwanted energy from your person. This is a widely practiced and ancient ritual that can be a powerful force for breaking curses and removing negative energies. By gently rolling the egg over the body or through the energy field, it’s believed that the egg absorbs and traps negative energies, curses, and any spiritual impurities. After the cleansing, you have a few options.

The first is to put the egg in a brown paper bag and leave it at the crossroads. Include a few pieces of ginger with it to help purify and cleanse the energy that was absorbed by the egg during the ritual. You should also add 3 pennies to pay for the toll and thank any of the energies that attended to you during the cleansing.

If you’re interested in learning more about the energy that came off of you, the egg should be cracked open and dropped in a glass of water. By examining it and looking for any unusual formations, the egg white can provide insights into the nature of the energy that was removed. When you’re finished checking it out, throw some salt in the glass to neutralize the energy and flush it down the toilet.

Black Salt

Salt is a staple in any witches or spiritual practioners toolkit. Used for protection, it can be a good barrier for negative energies and hexes. This mystical salt derives its dark hue from additives like charcoal or ashes, giving it a strong association with banishing and absorbing malevolent forces. Whether sprinkled around the perimeter of one’s living space, added to protective sachets, or used as a boundary for sacred circles, black salt is renowned for its ability to create an impenetrable shield. It is believed to absorb and neutralize harmful energy, as well as returning it to its source. Much like a binding spell, you may notice an intense flare up from the person you are protecting yourself from. Because you are restricting them by creating a barrier they cannot cross. However after this happens, things should start to settle down as the salt works its magick.

Changed Behavior

Breaking a generational curse often begins with a profound shift in behavior and mindset. These deeply ingrained patterns of negative energy and dysfunction can span across generations, perpetuating cycles of hardship. However, by recognizing and consciously altering behavior, individuals can interrupt this cycle and initiate a transformational process. It involves becoming self-aware, acknowledging destructive patterns, and actively choosing a different path. This shift can include embracing healthier relationships, pursuing personal growth, and making choices that promote well-being and positivity. In doing so, individuals not only liberate themselves from the grip of generational curses but also pave the way for healing and empowerment within their family lineage. The power of changed behavior lies in its capacity to break the chains of negativity, allowing for a brighter and more promising future for generations to come.

In Closing

In the journey of life, we all encounter challenges, obstacles, and moments of darkness. Curses, whether cast through magick or carried through generations, can seem insurmountable. However, it is within the human spirit to rise above adversity and reclaim our power. By understanding the nature of curses, seeking guidance when needed, and employing various spiritual tools and practices, we can break free from the chains that bind us. Remember, the ability to break curses lies not only in mystical rituals but also in the resilience of the human heart. As we release the weight of negativity, we make room for healing, transformation, and the endless potential to live our lives in harmony, joy, and light.