The Chariot

Upright Meaning

  • Victory
  • Triumph & Success
  • A road opener
  • Control

Reversed Meaning

  • Unethical victory
  • Can indicate the same as above, but to a lessor degree

I have what it takes to be successful.

The Chariot Overview

The Chariot Card meaning is much as it appears when looking at the card. It is one of victory, success and triumph through ones control.  When you apply yourself to any situation, you have the power to come out on top. Once again with this card we see the black and white sphinxes at the bottom, symbolizing the union of both positive and negative forces. This same concept is also represented in the wings on the front of the chariot. Above the chariot there is a beautiful blue tapestry that implies celestial influences and energies at work. Lastly you will want to note that the man in the chariot has no reigns, and only a wand, in which to control his cart. He directs it with his personal power, intention and free will.

Questions for You to Meditate On

What have I learned from my successes?

How can I take advantage of new opportunities when the road opens in front of me?

Where do I try to control situations and how is this positively or negatively serving me?