The Devil

Upright Meaning

  • Wrong use of force
  • Controlling
  • Depression
  • Indulging in excess

Reversed Meaning

  • Spiritual & emotional healing
  • Unchained/no longer bound
  • Divorce

There’s always a loophole.

The Devil Overview

The Devil card symbolizes control and oppression. It is force used on another person to satisfy one’s own means. You can see the Devil has two humans under his control. They are chained to him as he exerts his will . Note that the humans are slowly turning into devils themselves as they grow horns and tails. The interesting thing to look at here is that they choose to stay and be controlled. The chains around their necks are loose and easy enough to remove if they so so desired. So this card in a reading can imply that while someone is stuck, there is indeed a way out. But perhaps they are so entrenched in the situation that the exit is difficult to see. The black color filling up the entire background is representative of the negative vibrations and dark energy that comes along with the emotions and behaviors of this card. 

As a secondary meaning, this card can also speak to one indulging in things excessively. It could be drugs, alcohol, cupcakes, travel, fun or anything in between. The energy with indulging can be positive or negative. If reversed, the chains are broken and healing has or can finally begin.


Questions for You to Meditate On

What do I feel like I don’t have control over?

Where am I overindulging myself?

How am I controlling or manipulating others to get what I want?

Where in my life do I need some emotional healing?