The Fall Equinox: Creating Balance

Creating Balance

Learn to achieve a harmonious flow

This year on Friday the 22nd of September, we have the opportunity to celebrate the Fall Equinox, or Mabon. This Sabbat marks the start of fall in the Wheel of the Year calendar.  As we prepare for a change of weather and seasons, we can take this time to appreciate the brief pause that occurs between them.  First we notice the fast pace of the summer start to slow down. And then feel its warm weather slowly fade. After a moment of calm suspension, we walk into fall at a slower pace. Ready for the colder temperatures as well as the inevitable hibernation we face during the winter months.

As we prepare ourselves for the Fall Equinox we are reminded that it has within it a theme of creating balance. On this Sabbat the hours of day and night are equal. So what better way to celebrate than bringing balance back into your life? However when making changes such as this one, it is important to remember that creating a balanced life is an ongoing process and something we should be consistently working on. Not a one-time effort that is quickly discarded.

So how do we go about creating balance?
In your home

What state of affairs is your house or apartment in? Mabon is a perfect time to do a good deep cleaning. You can also get rid of broken items or stuff you don’t use anymore. Clean out your closet and remove any ill-fitting clothing or pieces you haven’t worn in years. How about any lingering projects that need to be revisited? Spruce up the place to allow for new items and energy to arrive.


How is your internal state of affairs? Is your mind at peace or does it constantly worry and overthink? Do you feel grounded?  Are you taking care of your body by eating healthy foods and getting exercise? If you feel unbalanced internally, this is a perfect time to do some work. The physical health is pretty self-explanatory. The mental health can sometimes be more of a challenge. A good way to restore your inner peace is to meditate, practice forgiveness, and create mindfulness to keep you present in the current moment.


Do you spend equal parts of your time on work, relationships, family, and social activities? If you do not have balance in these areas it can throw you off track energetically. For example if someone is a workaholic, this can cause bad eating habits, disrupted sleep cycles and unnecessary stress.  Creating a balance between the different areas gives you more energy, increases your happiness and allows you to enjoy your life instead of feeling bogged down by it.


Constant over-stimulation or addiction to our electronics can cause us to be out of balance. Unplug yourself for the day, afternoon, evening or even an hour to reset your inner self. Instead connect with your family or friends. If you’re not craving social time, spend a few hours alone with Mother Nature and enjoy the peace and beauty she has to offer.

Remove the toxins

People or situations can cause toxic energy to build up in your space. In extreme cases this energy will stick to you and follow you throughout your day. It’s important to take some time to review who is around you and what situations you find yourself in regularly. Examples include negative, judgmental or unsupportive friends. Hostile or confrontational environments where you walk away upset. Or situations that make you uncomfortable or seem to leave you feeling drained.

Schedule in breaks

Having down time is important for maintaining balance. Pencil in some free time and throughout your day. Even making time for a few 15 minute breaks can be helpful.  Make plans to play a few times each week with an activity or friends that are fun. When we rest it gives our body time to relax and recharge from the stress and responsibilities we constantly face.

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