The Firefly Totem: You Light Up My Life

firefly totem

Fire in the Sky

Fireflies are such fascinating little creatures. During the day they look so ordinary, but at night they turn into mini light bulbs that shine in the sky. If you have a Firefly Totem, it should be obvious that it stands for the energy of illumination.

The firefly totems also remind us to not judge a book by its cover. Because things are not always as they seem. Just because something looks ordinary, does not mean it is incapable of great things. Everyone of us has magick inside. We simply have to turn on the light. Our outsides and how we look to the world does not define who we are. That comes from what’s in our hearts, souls and minds. It creates us. Not the other way around.

Another important symbolism comes from the way the Firefly uses it’s light. It’s a concise and specific effort. Their lights are designed to attract their right mate. They must correctly and strategically emit a special sequence of lights and flashes at the proper moment in order to do so. Their movements must be careful and well thought out.

This ritual is a signal for us to make sure we have a plan in life. And to put our energy into things that help us accomplish our goals, and leave out all the rest. In being deliberate in our actions, we can achieve the success we desire. This however is not a sign to run ourselves into the ground and burn out. Because fireflies become bright from their natural internal energy. Not from an external heat source. So make sure whatever path you choose is free spirited and flows with ease, not force.

The mating ritual of a Firefly is also a reminder to be careful about who we let into our lives. We must me choosy about our tribe and those we let into our inner circle. For these are the individuals who will help shape our lives. Last but not least, the Firefly Totem encourages us to dream and be excited by the beauty of this world. To hold onto the feeling of wonder and curiosity of seeing something magickal. It leads us to feel hopeful and inspired by the possibilities life has to offer. It places us back in those light-hearted and childlike moments where nothing was impossible. It’s goal is to fire up your inner passions and desires. 

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