The Hanged Man

Upright Meaning

  • Self-surrender
  • Making decisions
  • A crossroads
  • Letting go

Reversed Meaning

  • Arrogance
  • Preoccupied with one’s ego
  • Unrealistic

The Hanged Man Overview

The Hanged Man is suspended in this card as he is in life. He is at a crossroads, having to decide if its best to go left or go right. He must surrender to the will of the universe, realizing that he only has so much control. He is restricted by certain energies and must let go in order to move forward.  Should this card appear reversed in a reading, then it is likely that the querent is refusing to accept the reality of the situation they are in. They are arrogant in their beliefs and are wasting their time if they wish to move forward.

Questions for You to Meditate On

Why am I putting of making a decision?

What fears are holding me back?

How can I surrender control of this situation and release any expectations of how I think it needs to go?